The Story I am trying to Write and Why

This is just me writing about the world I have created, what it means and why I am doing it. I’ve been stuck in limbo for way too long and I hope by writing this type of thing I can clear the fog and find a way forward, even if it takes me awhile to find the right way I am going to keep on going no matter what. The story is my religion, the word is my voice, and my direction is clear.

How does your world look? Your universe is a place defined by distances, distances that defy measure or comprehension. A lot of your inspiration comes from Star Trek, Star Wars and more recently the Expanse. The Expanse has in the way the ships and world functions in space a hard science edge and so does yours but you have to go beyond that to make it stand out from what has come before.

You don’t want it to feel derivative, or copy either the story but you do want to take the feel. For one you have a world where humanity has gone interstellar but still ruled by the limitations inherent to our dimension. You break this conversion through your method of FTL but stick to it in how ships operate and their inherent limitations in the need for fuel, power, resources and reaction mass. This is about using the limitations as places where stories can be told, where people will fill the vacuum.

You will never get anything in your universe at least from a scientific standpoint without a cost, there will be no escaping the dangers of space travel. You may want an entire group or groups of people who can no longer live on Earth because of generations of living in space. That even though on Earth cancers are rare in your world and life expectancy is high, in space even centuries after we made it our home away from Earth, life expectancy is lower and risks like aggressive non-treatable cancers, mutations and suspended animation all have risks that kills a high percentage of people and there is no magic bullet that will save people.

There are ways to mitigate or limit the damage but for those who are born and live in space that is the price they pay, short lives, more risks that you can imagine but the freedom to get out of Sol and see things and step foot in place s that no human could think off let alone imagine. This is your world, you want to create risks that can be mitigated through science, other medical risks are made both better and worth through technology.

The would you have created is about mitigating the damage and where some people have to live with those decisions in ways that change who they are and what they can be. You don’t want your world to be all about science, you want to tell human stories that matter, that people can relate to and that make you think and wonder what can exist. You have to have an air of mystery that hangs in the mind of an audience, you want them to infer things and not always see things.

I am telling an interactive story or at least that is the goal, the one thing I keep on going back to. It is place where the reader is part editor, the reader can make decisions not about what happens in the story but how they experience the story and from which perspective. It’s something that has been on my mind for years and I can’t not do it even if I don’t know how.

That is the goal, that is the mission, that is your religion. This is your home, today, tomorrow and all days until you get a story on the page, in the cloud and ultimately no matter what form it takes in the hands of the reader.