Dynamic Narratives and Serialized Storytelling

In a movie the foundation of a story is the script but what gives the story it’s tone and colour is just as much as the director as anything else. In a novel the tone comes through the narrator or the point of view (POV). It is there we are given context and where the writer uses words as their brush to paint a picture within our minds.

In modern media I prefer long-form storytelling so although I love a good movie a serialized story via a TV series gives us time to know the characters to see them change through the grind that is life. I want to combine a serialized format with an partially interactive structure that I can evolve and branch off over time.

It’s not something that can be done in print but is made for the Internet. It can be done in a e-book format theoretically but I don’t know how to do that. Right now I am even struggling to find a story in the universe that lives in my head.

I think of this as a drip feed of content that evolves as you read because of the reader’s answers to a question after each so called episode. Now the narrative may change based on the reader’s answer but the story doesn’t change. What happens always happens but how you experience it both tone, POV and focus will change.

To me that sounds fascinating and captivating but that might just be me because I come from a gamer background where I played games like Mass Effect and loves getting lost in that world, feeling that you could go anywhere.

The issue with that series is the illusion of choice is nothing but an illusion. The world felt huge in the first game but as the series moved forward the choices you felt didn’t feel so impactful because the interactive elements were tethered to gameplay and this fundamental design contrast hampered that feeling of choice that I associated with the series from that first game.

I have no idea of how I am going to do this or what it will take or even the type of stories I should tell. I easily get distracted and have too many beginnings and not enough follow-through. That isn’t viable and if there is no end the beginning looses its impact and is worthless because all it is a dead end.

Since I’ve never done narrative fiction should I even attempt a stab at a dynamic narrative in a serialized format, does it make any sense at all or should I start small and hone my craft before I attempt what I want to do.

I know that it is gonna kill me that the chances of it working are not high but man I want to do it. I need to do it, I dream about these stories, I have beginnings to dozens of them Buri have to think about the characters and do right by them not just as they are created but to make them feel real and worthy of being read.

I don’t know what to do but I know that I can’t see any other path but writing within this universe right now. That isn’t to say I just want to be the Shepard of my world but that I have to give it the focus it deserves as a story and a universe that shall change my life regardless if just one person reads it or a million, the act of crafting the story of exploring it and giving it life through the written word is the only thing I can imagine. I think that is a goal worth fighting for, a world worth giving life to and sharing even if no one will read it.