A thought on what comes next

2019-06-30_11-35-08I’ve kind if been lost for a little while, just styaing in one place and not moving on. I didn’t expect to stay in Antalya but I have and now its time to move on.

In a few years of travel I have been conditioned to be frugal to the extreme which has cost me. Whereas the times I decided to spend the money led to some of my best expereinces.

That hould be the clue that I can no longer keep on going like I have but I usually fall back into these old habits. They are my defaults and often you don’t even realize it because it is so natural to you.

I am planning to go to Cappadocia for 3 or 4 days then slowly make my way back to Istanbul to fly out back to somewhere in Europe. I might fly to Ukraine if I can find a cheap flight otherwise I will head to Prague or Budapset. 

Anyone try workaway, I’ve been meaning to do it, I’ve done helpX once and it was cool but its not always easy to find a place to go, you end up having to message a lot of hosts and getting just a few responses if you get any at all.

I’ve been traveling a certain way for so long, I have to shake it up, evolve past this block both because I am nearing the end of this journey and have to setup myself for the next one.

Breaking habits is hard because they are habits that be engrained that you don’t have to think about them. Sometimes its the smallest things that are the hardest to change because you don’t think about doing them but if you want to change thinking about it is an absolute necessity.

I need to get my writing as a habit, I start then get distracted by the Internet, sometimes I am doing research and eventually end up down the news or YouTube rabbit hole before I realize half-an-hour has past me by.

I am so used to being on my own there will be days when I don’t talk with anyone. It’s not that its bad but it means I’ve missed out on connecting with so many people just because I don’t engage and that is just isolating and numbing to the part of all of us that seeks community, validation and connection.

I need spend money, it doesn’t mean spending without thinking but it does mean if there is something I want to do I should do it and that is so hard. The times I had like when I did muay thai or whatever was life changing. I need to find a focus, to make a mission and be willing to do what it takes to make it come alive.

So that is what I need to work on, make writing my habit, be willing to talk to strangers and spend money for the experience. Now its time to figure out the next when and where and how?