Worldbuilding is the Easy Part (writing the story is the hard one)

At the end of 2013 I was in a odd place, not sure of where to go or how to get there so I started a long process of creating a world I wanted to tell stories in. I have been crafting that sci-fi universe for years now but have yet to take the jump and tell stories within it.

The words written are just structures but there is no colour, no joy in it until I can give it context through the characters that live in it. How do I tell a story in this place of my own creation and get past my fear of F*&king it up.

I have gotten to the line so often, start writing and I quickly stop, afraid that it will be horrible that this was a mistake. That all this time I have spent crafting a world out of my imagination will have been for not, it will have been a waste.

Who will want to read a story in a world they have never heard of, is there an audience for what I want to create. How do I make these stories relevant to the problems and issues that we are facing today while still being hopeful for what can be?

What is the story I was meant to tell, what is my truth, I know what I want it to be but not sure how to get there. I have a world, the science, technology and how it works constructed but there is no joy in it because there are no characters in the world yet.

I have been at the starting line for too long, I have created a world in my own head but to give it form I must tell the stories within it. Worldbuilding is the easy part, its fun to go from the big picture to small details but my world doesn’t exist until I start telling stories within it. Until there are being living and struggling within it and what’s important is how the stories I decide to tell can show the readers a different pesective within our own world.

 I was thinking of a way to do faster than light that built off of the other science fiction stories that have been told but done in a realistic sense that would make the world feel grounded and real. I want to create something where there are consequences, so for those living in space they face increased risk of cancers and a lower life expectancy in comparison.

I have to think about societies created in deep space and how they would change people and the structures of society as a whole but instead of just doing the intellectual exercise of building it maybe now it is time to build the world through the story instead of just writing it in a text book kind of way. That is my next adventure.