Recover and Reset for 2020

2019 and the second decade of the century are in the books, as we each look back it is also time to look forward. You don’t need a new year to reset or restart but there is something about being able to support people who are also on similar journeys.

How do you plan to take what you have learned and apply it in the new year? Personally I need to learn something new and make it my mission to actually write. I have been talking about it for years and have so many ideas knocking around in my head but have been so apprehensive about putting it into words.

There are so many days I sit with the blinking cursor mocking me and even when I write I am such a noob that all I want to do is to delete it. It’s hard for me to look at what I’ve written without wanting to delete it all but that’s the trick. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of it and that takes time and persistence.

I finally visited Canada for the first time since I left and in early 2020 will visit South America for the first time. I’m excited about heading to a new destination, not sure what I want to do but I will try to be smart, learn something new, while getting the habit about writing every day and diving deep into learning how to tell stories.

Last year I went back to India and would find myself going through Egypt, Turkey and Eastern Europe until I returned to Canada. This next year South America will be explored to it’s fullest. I’ll try to meet new people, try new things, try some BBJ and just explore, being safe but not too safe as I go.

Going home for the first time you see how much has changed and how much hasn’t. By coming back I’ve realized that it is not where I belong even if it will always be the home of the past it isn’t the home in the present. Let’s do it for this new year, try, fail, learn and see what happens. Try what is scares us and do the uncomfortable. To all those who wander to a great 2020.