Stuck in the Middle of the #covid_19 Pandemic


In the midst of the covid-19 Pandemic I found myself in Minca, Colombia just as the country closed it’s borders and went into lockdown. It has now been more than 3 months since then. I have mostly lived my life online since I can’t leave or go anywhere in town.

The world before I left to the one we will all emerge from will be considerably different. It can’t and will not be how it was until there is some reassurance that there is a treatment or vaccine for this new novel coronavirus.

Crowds have become ominous, even going out requires precautions no one who have thought about just a few months ago and the economic reality is hitting everyone in various ways from working from home, not being able to travel, to just getting out of the house.

If feels like for the time being this reality we are living in is a shared experience that knows no boundary because the virus doesn’t respect borders. Even if medical outcomes differ based on your socioeconomic reality, the virus will move from one person to the next with ease.

Hopefully this teaches the societies in which we live how to be better prepared for the next pandemic. I have my doubts because of our short societal memories. We are constantly bombarded with news and what is serious one day is lost the next. We get lost among our own person filters, discarding thoughts, opinions and ideas that don’t mesh how we see the world.

That is why I hope that this shared experience in the quarantines can help to connect people together even if just in small ways. We all share this world, we all have an impact and that we should listen more than we talk even if we disagree.