My Random Travel Stats

A random assortment of my travel stats. I never really thought about it until I was applying for a position on Nomadic Matt. He does good work and the pandemic will be a time to refresh his mission and what he can do and who he can reach going forward. It’s funny times are different, any guide book for any location is always out of date before it comes out but that is even more true now as the rules for international travel will remain a moving target for years to come.

I just put this together quickly more for myself than anyone else. It was fun looking back at where I have gone and how many flights I have taken. Now it is time to build forward so I can sustain my travel whenever I get back on the road again. I don’t think that will be for awhile, I am still waiting to get my second shot and even after that it will take a time.

I am sort of F#@%&d these days with the world as it is and no clue what to do. The choices are many as are the variables to figure out how to make any of it work. It’s like that for a lot of us and hope we can all find a way to find our own way.