This is me

Everyone needs to find out who they are and I lived in Toronto spinning my wheels and at some point knew that I couldn’t keep doing that. So I dropped everything and decided to wander the world in June 2013, no plan no idea what to do and as now I am just starting to understand the direction I need to take. To write every day, to tell stories and take bigger risks to grow, evolve and find the person that I hope I will (not can be) one day.

Call Sign: clickeric (Eric Floresca)

Spam Bait (I mean e-mail): or

Where I Currently Hang my Hat: Wherever I am in the world

Thanks and let the dawn break the clouds, let it’s warmth touch the heart and open the soul to all that is possible. (Sorry I can’t help but make word threads I wonder what would happen if I turn the dial up how crazy could I get with them.)

This is just a random assortment of stats that have occurred across all my travels over the last few years. I made it when I was applying for a social media role that I was qualified for.