Gmail Blue #AprilFools #LOL

Hmmm a nice one by Google and love the use of Blue that must rile up Microsoft since that’s the name heard round the internets for the next Windows 8 update.

This Land Is Our Land North America via Discovery

I love these shows, they make me want to get out there in the big wide world.

Being Human as Hope Fades to Black – A Look at Episode 8

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So Being Human tonight was all a good news/bad news kind of episode. For our three roommates each experienced the spectrum. So Josh proposed to Nora while they were house hunting, Adian was just starting to get into something with Nora’s friend and Sally was honest with Max and after a freak out he was surprising pretty good about it. This was an episode built for the contrast. We always knew that the good times wouldn’t last and the repercussions would be rough but now we know how.
So lets start with Josh who was trying to deal with Erin’s death and keep the peace between Nora and Adian. They are at a seize fire at this point until Nora understands what happens. Liam’s been out for blood since he came to town and this episode is no different. I don’t know why Nora accepts him as easily as he does but I guess being wolves makes that trust easier to come by.
Liam captures Adian asking him what happened to his daughter. Adian lies over and over. A call by Nora’s girlfriend lets Josh know that Liam has Adian and he goes after him. He gets there shooting a guard but too late to prevent rounds of torture and being injected with the virus that’s a death sentence for vamps. Liam was a tank, he took several shoots and was still able to act, he’s one person I wouldn’t want to fight, cause I would just be another meal to him.
Josh saves the day but is scratched in the process so that his time of being human is at an end. You have to wonder if being turned by a purebred werewolf will change him even more than last time. As Sally begins to decompose she visits Nick who lies when he says that he was fine. When she leaves we find that Nick goes into zombie mode and looking for live flesh to stop the decomposition.
For his meal he eats a cat, which restores his appearance to normal. Sally after seeing Max work his magic on the deal tells him the truth and he freaks out when he sees her rotting scale. They end up back at the house where he uses his kit to make the rot disappear in a blaze of makeup and concealer for the dead.
So Sally is decomposing, Josh is back to being a wolf and Adain’s clock is ticking as the virus beings the march to true death. I have no idea what’s going to happen next but it will probably get worse before it gets better and I expect more bodies to pile up as we go. That’s was the episode and it makes me excited to see how they get though the rest if the season. It wasn’t pretty but damn its very, of morbidly entertaining.

All that is Known about Bungie’s Destiny

So here is all that is known of Destiny, I look forward to this new MMOish FPS. Thanks THFE for the awesome video.

Taking a Look at the New Smash Characters


I was watching Smash a few weeks ago when it made its season 2 entrance into the world and though the rating are falling like a meteor from the heavens I thought the shift in tone was interesting. The exit of some characters and the shift in focus from the personal drama to the drama of building a musical or in this case musicals seems like its grounds the show while also opening it up. As it was last year Smash was not a sustainable story because the focus on one musical would be a limiting factor that would tie their hands.

So they blew the doors wide open by bring in more shows at various stages of development. The two new characters introduced at the tail end of the first episode are Jimmy a musician/composer/junkie and his friend Kyle who of course are writing a musical.

Jimmy is the temperamental artist who is basically an ass while his friend who is gay has some unresolved feelings towards Jimmy even though he’s a prick. Jimmy’s the realist and Kyle is the idealist, the dreamer. It feels like Kyle wants the show biz life while Jimmy is always bracing for disappointment.

The musical they are writing is a reflection on Jimmy and his issues that gets titled The Hit List. What didn’t work for me was that these 2 guys have known each other their entire lives and that Jimmy has these unresolved feelings towards Jimmy.

These two are all but brothers in everything but name. So these unresolved feelings come off as being a way to layer in tension in the friendship as Karen is added into the mix and Jimmy becomes her next suitor. This create a division between the three of them, that will pay off in a future episode and for me it doesn’t feel like it flows naturally from what we’ve been shown.

I guess it feels forced for me because it can’t work, the door isn’t a door its a steel wall the second Kyle opened his mouth after Karen asks if they were together and the implication is given to the audience. Its hard to understand why Jimmy is such a prick because the audience has no context, since so far he has just been a temperamental prick.

When he comes out from under his bender after his trigger was pulled and Karen finds him, this Jimmy is striped of his defenses and feels human. It takes work to be a prick all the time, that in itself is exhausting and in that scene he reveals what’s behind the veil, it just felt somewhat forced.

It’s hard to make a character who is constantly behaving badly to be redeemable. I think of “On the Road” where Garrett Hedlund played Dean Moriarty and while his actions were horrible he was played as someone you should hate but I didn’t. That’s a tricky balance but one that I wish they would have taken with Jimmy. I feel if they picked a few moments where he let down his guard. maybe when no one else could see then that would help to show that there was something more and without being so direct about it like the drugs can come off feeling.

I really respect the direction they took with season 2 even if a lot of it was clean up. I also understand why it didn’t all work. A lot of their characters come across with little apparent depth or they keep on switching from poles of extremes which make it hard to know which version is going to show up at any specific time.

OK I’m done with this and have a good weekend everyone.

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