Lock the doors – NHL Lockout

Here is a message from some players in the NHL on behalf of the NHLPA to fans as we all brace for a fall that could be without hockey.

Lucy Spraggan’s The X Factor UK audition – Last Night

GOD I love this audition and I think that The X Factor UK is so much better than their American counterpart. I want this song on my iPhone now.

My answer to “Generation Stuck”

Via Generation Stuck By Nate Goldman July 19, 2012

I am a young just 30 who didn’t know who I was, who went back to school and came out during the recession and found walls and rock blocking my way. These were not of my making but of all of our reality. I thought I could make those dreams we seek real but then reality told me that I could not and for a time I thought that was so. Now years later I think it is time to renew my faith again, not in the same dream but a new one, not better but different, educated from heartbreak and failure, made clear from a better understanding of who I am, what is possible and where the first finish line lies. I seek to turn away from the shade, Evan Esar once said “hope is tomorrow’s veneer over today’s disappointment” but to fall is not to fail, to fall is to learn and that is my basis for hope, it is no veneer when you embrace it, emphatically, it is your promise to keep on for that brighter day.


For context I have a business degree and went back to school to study advertising in 2008. When I finished the economy was a mess and I couldn’t find work. Since then I have done a lot of small things, worked full-time in some roles but nothing ever stuck. So I have recently began to re-evaluate what I want and what I don’t. This is a process that has in some ways taken too long but in reality is a never ending process. Choices need to be made and I am about to make them so that the road ahead is known and I can focus on dealing with the roadblocks that will be in my way.

Here’s to the horizon, where the future shimmers waiting to be touched,

It is TIFF (2012) Time

As summer dwindles to a close we know that fall is upon us as the Toronto International Film Festival takes aim and lights up screens across the city to celebrate the magic of film. The sky of stars descend on Toronto to showcase the best in cinema from across the globe. The rest of Toronto begins to awaken from the summer slumber to begin the yearly ritual of work that comes with the cooling breeze.

There are many movies to see, many whispers of award winners hanging among the jaded critics and the fans who wait to catch that rare film that will never see the light of day in their local theatre, except during TIFF. School begins for everyone, the new freshman class is ready to grow up and explore the wonders of their new life.

I hear the Master approaches with wonder, that Seven Psychopaths will wander the halls of midnight, Argo will weave Hollywood with the shadow world of spies. The movies are many, there are deals to be done, directors to hear, actors pictures waiting to be snapped and an army of volunteers ready to spill forth across the city.

Welcome to a Toronto, TIFF 12 and some magical days ahead.

Pond Life

Welcome back Doctor Who for Series 7. Awesome!

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