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A world wandering writer booking it to noveldom in search of the story.

Let’s Build a World – callsign RIFT

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The world building has focused on transit through space and how that differs from traditional science fiction. In reality it isn’t that much different than what you would expect to find in shows like star trek where they break the laws of physics by transiting into another dimension.

In this universe FTL functions the same way except in the energy requirements needed to breach the veil.

So you’ve been focusing on the world building element but not the story. What kind of story makes sense for this world?

What I really was thinking about when I was building the world was how FTL worked and wanting to bring the age of colonialism back into the story. There is a wealth of history in colonialism through many countries that caused damage to countless indigenous populations. In this case the damage will not occur since habitable planets are rare and ones with life let alone intelligent life will be even rarer.

This means that the story should take place at least 2 generations after colonialism has begun when the colonies are on the verge or in the process of independence. They become the indigenous populations and will not want to be ruled by a government that is light years away. This is similar to Halo in that respect. You want to create a universe of discovery where new resources, science and technology can be developed. Like the game Mass Effect where the world felt so large, so big that you had a universe of possibilities to explore.

As the series went on it lost that feeling of discovery and the scope of the games contracted so by Mass Effect 3 you felt like you were going down a straight and narrow path with no real meaningful chance to wander and discover something different.

You want to do the opposite, you want a world that feels like it is alive, that’s always the dream.

I thought I could do it as a script but I am still searching for the story. You can get so focused on the details of the world you miss the story and that’s what I’ve felt I’ve done. I have pages scattered on how the world works and of different characters but I need to laser in on the format and before I can even attempt to do that I need the story.

I have to go back to basics and find something that works, does it need to be complicated, no but the complexity also depends on the format. As a movie script I would need it to be relatively simple, at least in structure. If it’s a novel I can add more layers and subplots because I’ll have more time to work on it. I think an ebook makes the most sense at this point because it gives me time to work the story out but doing that piece by piece without having an idea of where it’s going or what the ending is will be like flying blind.

Here I am in India and all I can think about is a world that doesn’t exist, that I’ve tried to write but I can’t because I’m searching for a door that can introduce the world when I have to focus on the story first, not the universe that it takes place in. So that’s the challenge I face now. Every day I can, I gotta write, that’s just what I have to do or there is no moving forward, there will be me stuck frozen in place.

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Parking my ass at the Bake House

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So my phone was dead most of the day. I have an extea battery and bothel were out of juice. So I ended up wandering the heart of Colombo searching for a place I could just sit and charge.

I had ice cream that was relatively expensive at Baskin Robbins then found a place called the Bake House right next to a really nice and super expensive bakery and there I’ve been sitting just working on my story and eating baked goods and they were so good.

Now I have no place to stay again, so here I am its dark and I’m wandering Sri Lanka in Colombo. So nobclue ehwt to do but go south.

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Taking stupid risks and the lessons it teaches

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They say your brain isn’t fully developed until you are 24. That those risks you take when you are young are part of youe brain still maturing.  If that so I may have regressed cause I’ve taken some risks and paid dearly for them. Some were innocent, some done out of frustation anothers done because the group makes you feel fearless.

There is something about traveling that has made me feel more raw when I should be even more careful but when you’ve had all your stuff jacked,  been ripped of or threatened more times than you care to remember you just stop caring and if you get away with these risks you want to escalate them to heighten the feeling.

Today I was reminded of how careful you hsve to be amd while I was lucky I could have easily ended up in a pile of hurt. So its those lessons that teach us to ve on guard and not forget that we can easily go from safe to fucked before you can blink. So cheers to that higher power that reminded me hoe lucky I am and not to take those kind of risks again.

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Can’t sit and wait sometimes you just have to move

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Waiting sucks and you can only do it for so long. I got to the point where I had to make a choice and it didn’t matter whst I choose or what I will choose all that matters is I start doing something.

Writing is what I seek and inspiration is my fuel. I’ve seen ancient wonders, beem through bad days ans good but whst I know now is that you can deal with it and there are more angels than there are demons if you can provide the same.

My next country is Sri Lanka, I have no guide and will just see what happens. I think I’m gonna get out of Colombo to save money and just get out there wherever that is and whatever that means.

These are the days to meet fast friends, of pushing yourself to do those things you didn’t think you could and for me that isn’t diving,l or rock climbing its taking a possibility and seeing if there is something there to grab hold off. So I have 3 articlez to write and 2 stories to get off the launching pad to see if they get into orbit or need to be relaunched.

This next phase of my travel escapades is heading in a whole new place with even more challenging.  I hope I can make it through in ome piece.  So goodbye Southeast Asia I may be back cause Burma calls but no matter what I will return cause t

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Saying see you later not Goodbye to Southeast Asia – We shall meet again I promise

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I have not written in a long time, so preoccupied with the journey I forgot to write everything down. I remember moments and already have a waterfall flow of stories, sights ans people that have made the road worth the effort and occassional head banging point of frustration.

I can say that I know more about how life flows in Southeast Asia than I ever thought possible. Thailand is the gateway to this far off world, Cambodia home of wonder in Aknor and the trama of Pol Pot. Vietnam shows the recovery from war with Laos being the backpacker place to calm doen and chill. Burma is awakening, Malaysia is coming into her own. Singapore combines elements from east and west with both the best and worst representing and Indonesia nature raw beauty and danger live next to the swarm of humanity that sit in her glades.

You can’t explian a region but you can give a glimpse, one view of a region that welcomes the world for all the good and bad that mass tourism can bring. I’ve travelled the roads, rails and the air. You can walk for a lifetime, experience so much but still have so much to discover.

I am heading out of Southeasy Asia in a few days, heading west. I am going to Sri Lanka and then see whst happens. I’m actually going to write. It wil not bw perfect and it doesn’t have to be. I’ll try to write one moment of experience a day as I run my personal gautlet through thr story crafting circuit to see if I can give my ideas a form in the real world.

I shall return to Southeast Asia to exoerience the wonders I couldn’t my first go around.  I want to take more time in Aknor, pierce the veil of Burma before her people’s wonder from their awakening turns to cynicism and the hunt for dollars

So here it goes, whatever may come I hope to be safe but not too safe, be inspired but not so distracted and discover fast friends forged in the experience of it all.

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