Toronto Batman does Cheese

Toronto Batman and Cheese, WTH is going on. I love the grins everyone has when Batman talks. I can’t help but grin like an idiot as well. Great job Sean and co. I love when he goes behind the counter. :)

Here is MaleShep’s Voice Actor doing some Improv

So I really liked Mark Meer’s voice in Mass Effect. I can’t imagine how many lines he read over three games. Here is a monologue he did way back when for the Improve Monologue Project back in the day. He is also a Canadian, which makes him all the more awesome, just so you know. The opening music is from an anime show called Cowboy Bebop which is one of my favs, they get extra credit that.

Here is an interview with Mark where he talks about voicing Shepard through the series. I totally never realized that he did the Vorcha, the Volus in addition to Shepard. His natural voice sounds different than Shepard but I liked him as Shepard and to know that he is an imrpov guy is all the more awesome.

A New Freestyle by Timeflies – Just what the Dr Ordered

Stop the presses a new freestyle from Timeflies Tuesday, YAY! Cal can rap about the most random shit and that is why his freestyle rocks, been way too long. Ahh tipping a porter potty, good times except if you are inside.

Layering the Story

I am diving into a script idea but the crux of the problem is focused on how to do justice to the stories within this world. I want to take the structure of a procedural drama and expand on it enough without loosing that which makes the CSI type shows so successful.

Those shows have their gravity based on a specific situation that allows a wealth of possibilities that can easily fill an hour of time. Those shows where the arches continue for an entire season face not being able to grow their audience because it is easy to get lost without the context provided by past episodes.

Now there are some shows that do this well and many shows play in-between those 2 poles but finding a balance is a moving target. I want to take the setting of my story and use that to its maximum impact. I feel that in order for me to do that I will have to have a laser focus on the subjects I am discussing. If I have 10 situations during a 12 or 13 episode series to explore I want to make sure that I can layer these subjects back and forth consistently through the episodes not just based on what is said but also what is seen.

That is something I feel would give this idea more weight. I gotta go deeper and use these ideas throughout the episode. I have to map it out today and start writing scenes. I want to be able to sip in and out of stories organically and I k ow that the place my script takes place in will allow this layering of story arches to happen in a way that benefits the series as a whole. At least that is what I hope happens.

I have never done this, it will be horrible but I know it will be worth it to say that I crafted it myself. Time to make some magic.

The Art of Leadership is Coming on June 5th

The Art of Leadership Conference is coming to Toronto on June 5 in the south building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Come and see 6 internationally renowned, bestselling authors and visionaries take the stage to share their insights leadership and innovation in today’s world.

I’ve attended one or two of the Art of Productions events (by volunteering or by sheer luck) and they are always filled with amazing speakers and a great audience from some of the most successful companies across Canada. They always give great networking opportunities at their events and a chance to get a question answered by your favourite speaker.

The lineup consists of the following leadership rock stars:

VIJAY GOVINDARAJAN on strategy and innovation

CHESTER ELTON on creating a culture of buy-in and belief

SUSAN CAIN on how to harness the strength of introverts

MARCUS BUCKINGHAM on strength based leadership

STEPHEN SHAPIRO on leading a culture of innovation

LEONARD BRODY on the myth of generations.

For tickets and more info on the line up check out the Art of here:

Here is the MISC promo code – RB22 – save $50 per single ticket or $100 per ticket for groups of 3 or more.

Finally follow this link to a PDF with more details on the event.

Thanks to Ron Bester of The Art of Productions for letting me know about the event.

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