Reading Game of Thrones and Watching the Show

I have never been one to worry about spoilers so I don’t mind reading the novels for Game of Thrones and watching the HBO TV show at the same time. I think it is interesting to see what stays true and what changes from book to the screen. One of the issues with a story …

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New Google+ Looks Very Pretty Bout Damn Time

It looks like Google is kicking it into gear with the recent redesign of G+. Now I am on it but I only occasionally use it and have never really dug into what it offers because it isn’t my go to social network. Even Facebook isn’t the place I call home. I love the simplicity …

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AMC Does The Pitch

So I was watching AMC and being someone who wanted to get into advertising for a while when I saw a spot for a show called The Pitch. I immediately sat up and started to pay attention.

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These Guys Needs to be Famous #STAT

Man Cal’s freestyle raps and Rez’s wicked beats are so sick. Also how they have used Timeflies Tuesday to spread the word and build their fanbase is one of those great net stories and make you come back for more every time. Just take a listen and a look at “All Night” their most recent freestyle …

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Love the @JoelMcHale 3DS vid for Nintendo #LOL

The Community star and face of The Soup, the one and hilarious Joel McHale gets viral in this vid for the House of Mario. The *not so* subtle video takes on explaining as many features of the 3DS in his signature style full of meta references, models and abusing interns all in a few minutes. As a …

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Personal Predictions

Where does life happen, how does it happen. How do you see your failures, your broken dreams and how do you reach farther not in spite but because there is still so much farther to go, so much to discover about the world, yourself and each of our places within it. 1. I will write …

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Crafting Tales

I want to do more than tell a tale or craft a story I want to create a world. I have an old idea for a sci-fi one that I put down a few years back that took place in the near future on Mars. Currently I am reading The Game of Thrones after just …

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The Problem with the Google Glasses #LOL

A great spoof ad for the Google Glasses by Tom Scott and this is how I see it happening LOL. How bout people who wear normal glasses already?

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The YouTube Collection from April Fools #LOL

I love this April Fools Day video by Google for YouTube, I wonder who took this one seriously.

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Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin #HELLYEAH

So Aaron Sorkin is at it again on the TV side of things with Newsroom. It takes a look at the behind the scenes at a news show when their anchor decides to stop with the neutral and let the audience know that he is a red republican. Here is the “Changed Man” trailer in full. …

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