Android makes an appearance at #AndroidTO

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Robots on the Loose at AndroidTO

Around this time last year the Yorkville Media Centre hosted to the first ever AndroidTO. A year and 2 different deserts later they are back to do it again. The second AndroidTO commences tomorrow October 26th, 2011 at the perfect time with the recent unveiling of Ice Cream Sandwich a.k.a. Android 4.0 which will to unify …

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The Legend of Zelda Celebrates 25 Years

I remember the first real epic game I ever played was The Legend of Zelda The¬†Ocarina¬†of Time. I was still just a kid when I first played the game and I loved seeing (at the time) the beginning of Links story. This legend is officially 25 years old this year and they are holding a …

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Night Has Come to Night 1 at Occupy Toronto

So night has come to night 1 of Occupy Toronto and I didn’t know what to expect but having been here now I can see that a core group of at last a hundred or so are digging in. Sanitation is in place, a food tent is active to keep the protesters feed, and the …

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The 99% Speak Out

The 99% are speaking out today; the Park is filled with people of all stripes, cameras that are capturing the moments, and signs that act as a voice for those with a message. The list of grievances is large and they can go from the broad and vague like bankers are thieves to the very …

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The Occupation Movement in Toronto

I am about to see what the protests are like at St James Park in downtown Toronto. With only a camcorder, mic and iPhone in hand I had to come. I remember the G20 protests and this one already feels different. As if the lessons on all sides were taken to heart. The turnout is …

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#OccupyToronto Takes On Bay Street

On September 17th a protest came into existence, that was when Occupy Wall Street began in New York City. Since then the movement has spread from the towers of Wall Streets to cities across the globe including Toronto, with Occupy Toronto on tap for today. Occupy Wall Street was inspired in part by the occupation …

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To Job or Not to Job

To job or not to job, that is the path I will find the equation to settle this math A few directions are open each scary and new Should I travel to a job or start to run through   If I were to work what should I do Shall I make my way to …

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Advertising Week – CP+B goes 6 for 6 :P

(Still tweaking just so you know I just wanted to finally get it up) Without question 6 for 6 by CP+B presented by MDC Partners was one of the most popular sessions of the final full day of Advertising Week, Thursday, October 6th. 6 trailblazers were given just 6 minutes to present based on a …

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Mario wants some $ in this pic lol

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