#LOL #OMG ZUCKERBERG: The Musical! via cdza

This is awesome, that is all. I couldn’t help but LOL at it. Loved the part about the new timeline.

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Toronto Batman does Cheese

Toronto Batman does Cheese, WTH is going on. I love the grins everyone has when Batman talks. I can’t help but grin like an idiot as well. Great job Sean and co.

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Toronto Batman is Awesome Fun

Hey it is Toronto Batman yelling about his dead parents to tourists and wanders alike. This video taken in February 2012 and produced by Sean Ward (@seanward) and stars Toronto Batman (@torontobatman) AKA Alex Brovedani as the caped crusader. I am just happy to see a video go viral from Toronto and that I have been …

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Countdown to Script or Bust (with a serving of dog food)

So after the Lean Startup Machine I was at a bar getting to know some of the other people who attended and I started talking to some people about choosing a path. Should I find a job, write a script or move into the startup game. I just started finding more freelance work and they said …

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The Cheese is Strong in this Twitter Faux Recruitment Video

Just watch and ask WTF! It takes all the worst parts of recruitment videos online. People who can’t act, cheesy music and sound effects and it is so bad it is good.

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Cute Emo Animals The Executive Koala and The Angry Panda

I am not sure if this is cute or creepy… maybe it is a mixture of both but I couldn’t help but post it because I was grinning like an idiot when I came across Yukari the Executive Koala.

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Misery Bear Skynet Style :)

So who doesn’t love misery bear and the fun he has getting through the day all sad like. Well let’s take it to the future with how to get a robot to try to kill you. Just watch it below and go all LOL with the killer cuteness.

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Gmail Motion – Remember What Day it is :)

So have you seen the new Gmail Motion thing at the top bar of your Gmail account and do you remember what day it is? Well good I just want to make sure that we all know that it is April Fools’, I love how if you didn’t know any better or forgot the date …

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Mmmm…Rooster Sauce [Infographic] – Me Hungry

I can use Chinese rooster sauce on anything and I didn’t know what it really was or what you could use if for till I had a look at this infographic.

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Star Wars The Minnesota Run

Well it seems that Star Wars can find it’s way anywhere even in Minnesota with this video of the trench run through the snow. Totally geektastic if I do say so myself. Great job!

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