The Battle Before getting into the Ring

I’ve wondered what makes people fight in the ring. It’s come up now and again because I am doing Muay Thai. Everyone is different and the reasons for training and fighting are not necessarily the same. Since I’ve been doing muay thai for the last 3 and a half months I’ve struggled to find a reason why I train.

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Cloud Atlas (I tried to see it at #TIFF12 but was unsuccessful)

I so want to see this movie, the look, the epicness of it makes me itch. The trailer spans the centuries and lifetimes. I can’t wait to see how they structured the story. This is a $100 million movie that took years to make and represents the biggest indie production ever, if you can call …

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The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey Trailer 2

I can’t wait till December for Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth and the start of a new trilogy.

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Summer Girls is Summer Fun

Cal and Rez make Tuesday awesome making the times fly. Now let’s get the party started.

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The First Captain America Trailer

Wohoo the first trailer from Captain America: The First Avenger, my hype meter is on overdrive. I have loved Cap since his most recent series came out and to see a good movie with him in the staring role will be stellar indeed.

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Tron Legacy -#Geeks Unite – This Christmas!!

Out of all the movies I was looking forward to I don’t think I will be disappointed in Tron Legacy. Boya! Posted via email from @clickeric’s posterous

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Captain America & Thor Artwork – The Start of #ComicCon is Here

See and download the full gallery on posterous The start of Comic Con is upon us and everyone can let the geek in them go free. Your favourite anime, manga, superhero and sci-fi heroes go from the screen or the page to real life through the impressive skills of the cosplayers. They work their magic …

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Iron Man 2 Motorcycle Suit (Suitcase Not Included) #mewant :)

via That looks way to cool…here is UD’s latest motorcycle suit which is a replica of the iron man 2 suitcase suit from the movie. I so want one with a matching Katana motorcycle of course. Posted via email from @clickeric’s posterous

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#Google Greenlights Crowdsourced film Project

via So what are you going to be doing on July 24th, what moment will you capture to tell the world that is what this project is about by Google and Director Kevin MacDonald. All contributors will be credited as co-directors. Another amazing project that sounds like a blast. It isn’t new, this type …

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Tron Legacy – My Movie Crack

I can’t wait for this movie, it came out before I was born but it inspired a generation. I wish it came out during the summer but I can wait. I waited for Star Trek and I will wait for this. As it gets closer the hype will escalate. I can’t wait for the return of …

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