First Fight since January 2016 – Let’s Go

I am fighting today? I can’t believe I am getting into the ring with just 4 weeks of training, having not really trained consistently since I left Charn Chai Muay Thai the first time. I remember the first time I fought, how long it took me just to say yes but when it did happen …

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Starting to Write my Sci-Fi Epic One Element at a Time

I didn’t expect to be back in Pai right now but when life throws you a curve ball you have choice but to adapt. It meant I had to leave New Zealand earlier than I thought without making as much as I would have hoped. At the same time the job at True Alliance and …

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A future sought

I used to think that I needed to be like everyone else. A decade ago I was hunting for work and wasn’t able to have anything stick. That was my fault, I was so focused on the normal I didn’t realize that I had other options. I always focused on where everyone else was with …

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Both the Prisoner and the Guard

I am the guardian of my soul, the arbiter of my thoughts and reactions to the waves, the dips and valleys that life crashes upon my shore. I am alone in the dark, my soul is the prison of my mind, a single light among the more than 7 billion others. That might as well …

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Looking back at a year and change in New Zealand

There are a lot of people I know that think of New Zealand as a paradise and even though I primarily stayed in Auckland even in the short visits acorss the North island I can see why but you quickly become aware of the costs of such paradise which keep that feeling out of reach …

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Looking back on working at TNF Auckland (and happy it’s over)

I lived in Auckland for nearly a year and a half and struggled a lot from the very beginning. I was going there for one reason to find work and save as much as I can. Now that it’s done and I have left I look back and realize that I limited myself because of my one overriding goal so save as much as I could.

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Born with Potential until Reality takes it Away

Every child born is a gift full of potential and possibility no matter who they are or what world they are born into or the handicaps they will face at the beginning there are no limits. It is us that provide the framework for the child, we craft the structure that will be the lens …

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May Agung Stay Quiet and Her People be Safe

In April last year I climbed Gunung Agung and just a year later it is fated to erupt. God I hope she stays quiet, I hope her people heed the warning and stay safe so that no one looses their lives. A lot of people who travel to Bali don’t really understand how different it …

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I’m so Indecisive (Decision Paralysis Sucks)

So on Sunday I bought a plane ticket out of New Zealand and yesterday I was running around just trying to try and manage the chaos and as the cliche says “get my house in order.” It wasn’t easy to buy the plane ticket for October 16th but it was such a good deal that …

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When its time to go

I’ve been in New Zealand continously since last June and have been using Auckland as my base. For the first few months it was all about finding a job, I’ve now had 3 and the last job I had was full-time which has allowed me to save. I had hoped to continue working into the …

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