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The Blank Page

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in News | 0 comments

When you create a story you start with the structure, the idea, the hope. It is never easy and it is always a challenge to go from zero but you are not going from zero. You are starting from your experience and he possibilities that exist and are informed by who you are, where you are going and what that means.

Today I start with a foundation built from what if, today I start with watching, observation and the human condition. That is the beating heart of every story. It is what gives me the power to take the steps I need to see, to feel, to be and to write.

So you never start with zero, you start with emotion and I start with joy. I start with hope. I start with a mission to craft here and now something worth reading, something worth being and something worth existing.

This is the journey, this is the mandate and this is why I write who I am and what I want to be. So it doesn’r have to start with some grand beginning but maybe it just starts with a single moment. Maybe it starts with waking up to the day.

So these are the words I wrote yesterday and this is where I begin as I start to go not from zero, not from nothing but to somewhere.

Speed is my weapon, momentum is the edge and maneuverability is the skill that makes me move. I hear the music in the vacuum so that I become the ship as it is me so I can dance in the home of the stardust.

Ever since I first felt my feet lift off the ground all I’ve wanted to do was go higher, faster and further. To reach up and discover where we have not set foot so I can make a mark to remembered and revered.



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New Twitter Makeover for Larry (I didn’t know the bird even had a name)

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in News, Tech, Videos | 0 comments

Twitter recently gave a makeover to Larry aka the bird that goes with the tweets that have come to define the twitter brand. They changed the orientation and the branding guidelines. They made him more upright and gave him a hair (I mean vector) cut. It is nice and all but being a more nuanced change, does anyone really care. Twitter is my go to social network and the video showing off the slight changes to the iconic bird has lots of hits but whatever.

When twitter was a much younger social network designers and all sorts of folks played with Larry, giving the bird personality and presence through their play with the iconic bird. The logo that is now in the rear view mirror had a slight twang of personality.


The hair felt young and wings arc upward. This new and improved Larry (who gets his name from the Basketball star Larry Bird) swoop up and feels more slick. The play you could unconsciously sense is gone, the new Larry is more slick and streamlined. Since twitter has been around for several years which is a lifetime in tech maybe it was time for Twitter’s Larry to grow up and leave that playful nature behind.

The way Twitter made the change was with as little fanfare as possible with them releasing a YouTube video showcasing the new look for Larry. They gave very specific brand guidelines so that when people use the twitter logo, it will conform to the brand they want to cultivate from this point on.

I wish they would have allowed people to play on Larry, they will do it no matter what. It shows that people are willing to take the time to take their logo and add a bit of themselves to it. Sorry those days are gone, and while the new Larry is slick, the old one had personality but I guess as a communication that personality had to grow up at some point, sadly that day has come.

It’s still Larry the bird that people tweeted with when using twitter but bald and a little less personality. I loved how people used to make the logo into a toon bird which added flavour to the entire brand intentionally or not.   You make be smoother Larry but I liked your old cut fine, fly free, Larry, fly free.


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Night Has Come to Night 1 at Occupy Toronto

Posted by on Oct 15, 2011 in News | 0 comments

So night has come to night 1 of Occupy Toronto and I didn’t know what to expect but having been here now I can see that a core group of at last a hundred or so are digging in. Sanitation is in place, a food tent is active to keep the protesters feed, and the drums continue to echo. Minutes ago there was a fire show just off to the side that kept people entertained on this cool winter night.

Now the question is to ask is not just what comes next but how long will it go and what does that mean for the city of Toronto. In the shadow of the G20 the entire mood of this protest is different, which hopefully means the Police department will not treat it the same way it was during the G20.

There have been mixed messages that say that people will not be ticketed if they spend the night where at the same time there are rumours that the police want to check the space for illegal substances in St James Park in the early morning hours.

Will the television crews covering Occupy Toronto stay to those early morning hours or will they be gone.

I don’t know what will happen or what to expect but it has been peaceful so far. Will the city allow this protest to continue, can they afford to let it turn from a protest to a movement?

With the large crowds gone many people who are staying have setup shop. Well before the sun set people began to take to the bottle or something else and that is hard to control in such a diverse crowd. So I can’t blame the police for wanting to check the park for illegal substances to ensure everyone’s safety but whether they take it to the next level is yet to be seen.

Who knows what will happen but I am debating on whether or not I should tough it out.


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The 99% Speak Out

Posted by on Oct 15, 2011 in News | 0 comments

The 99% are speaking out today; the Park is filled with people of all stripes, cameras that are capturing the moments, and signs that act as a voice for those with a message.

The list of grievances is large and they can go from the broad and vague like bankers are thieves to the very specific like we should not drill in the oil sands.

I find as I walk around it is more than just spreading the messages but being with others who are in their own way finding for what they are passionate about. How so many groups can come together and organize as a whole shows us the power of the collective to rally in these hard times.

Each group respectful of the others around and no one speaks for everyone but for themselves and their own causes. I am inspired by their ability to stand up and support their brethren, Occupy Wall Street.

Great job to everyone who was here on day 1.


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The Occupation Movement in Toronto

Posted by on Oct 15, 2011 in News | 2 comments

I am about to see what the protests are like at St James Park in downtown Toronto. With only a camcorder, mic and iPhone in hand I had to come. I remember the G20 protests and this one already feels different. As if the lessons on all sides were taken to heart.

The turnout is better than I expected given the weather, there are drums beating and enough signs to make a house from. The messages are diverse and the people are energized. The tents are up and you wonder if this will go for a day or a week.

There a great energy here and they are about go on with the rally and the mass out front are leading the crowd in a cheer showing their support of Occupy Wall Street.

It makes me think that no matter who you are or where you live many of the fundamental issues are the same. They are based on a frustration that has escalated since the global recession.


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Cannes Lions – BBDO Talks Mobile Intimacy

Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in News | 0 comments

If you could call Cannes Lions anything it would be Christmas for agencies from around the world. This year BBDO, Microsoft and OTX did a study on multi-platform, creative and technology based campaigns to find a framework for marketing success.

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