What could be Trending for SEO in 2017

SEO is a fast moving river that is always adapting and changing as we do. As we see the bookend of 2016 approaching like a freight train 2017 will come in just as fast. So what do the tea leaves say to those steeped in the black art of SEO. When we look into our Crystal ball at the digital squad we find these some of the trends that will be crashing against the shore.

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Twitter Blackout OVER YAY

So twitter was down for an hour or so and my ability to randomly communicate was down for a bit (Nooooo, kidding). It is so hard to believe that it has been around for just a few years and for me it has replaced texting and is in some ways the only way I communicate with some people. It is one of the social media pillars that is second only to Facebook and YouTube and I have come to rely on it a lot just to connect with people and find out what is going on.

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Now that has officially launched we can start to see what kind of site it will be. You can test out their auto generated infographic maker on their main page. It takes your twitter information to build a simple infographic based on your twitter information or you can have a twitter stats battle and …

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Air New Zealand goes Social

Here is a video about how Air New Zealand is connecting with people using social media by bucking the conventions and being fun and different when compared with the competition. From creating a flight experience that is above-board and having fun with their airline safety videos like this one by Richard Simmons himself that blew up on YouTube …

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Happy Birthday Wikipedia – 10 Years and Counting :) #yay

More than 10 years ago the Encyclopedia to go to was the Encyclopedia Britannica that was fact checked and went to the experts. Today my first stop is Wikipedia which is not the end of research but is the start of it and the links that connect to it are the threads that allow you to …

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