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Twitter from from When I First Joined to Now

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Social Media, Tech | 0 comments

Twitter Now

I remember joining Twitter in 2009 and it was a new way to connect with people I never could ever meet. In North America it was easy to use and different enough from Facebook that I felt there was value in using both.

Now that it is a public company and after growth and profits and having been abroad for more than 2 years I find that I barely use Twitter. The simplicity and limits imposed by twitter early on made it great for broadcasting to anyone and everyone.

If your tweet had a good hashtag then anyone searching that tag would see it. Whereas Facebook focused on the people you knew or were at least more likely to know which is important for someone like me who is traveling. I feel that Twitter is more about broadcasting for many or finding and following for others.

Facebook was always more about the people you knew but being able to follow people and interests gives it an inherent flexibility that is adaptive based on how you use it. Whereas early on Twitter was pretty simple and its flexibility was gained through it’s developer ecosystem which gave people new and unique ways of using Twitter.

In Asia there are so many messaging apps that using something Twitter is a hard sell because it is much more impersonal than using Facebook, line or any number of other apps which are available.

I don’t think I know any local that really uses Twitter which I think creates a limit on how much Twitter as it is now can grow. Twitter is Western dominated and with so many public figures using other services in these countries like Facebook and those services adopting Twitter like elements the need to use Twitter is low.

With so many other messaging apps out there the people go where their friends are and among locals in South East Asia that isn’t going to be Twitter. So I can see why it has had flat growth or in some ways has receded. According to an article by the Verge “It had 320 million active monthly users this quarter” but removing SMS followers the article says “its active user base actually declined from 307 million monthly active users to 305 million.”

This has sent the stock tanking and with all the changes it is undergoing in the view of wall street Twitter is not just flat but its receding and that is a very dangerous place to be in. I hope that with their backs to the wall Twitter will be able to innovate and shake things up or risk becoming a myspace.

It’s base model is simple but that limits its flexibility with is both the blessing and curse. While other platforms don’t have such limitations and can take elements of Twitter and add their to their apps, websites and or platforms in a way that makes Twitter irrelevant for many people in the developing world where a lot of growth has occurred over the last several years.

Not every social media platform is going to be Facebook and the expectation that they should is misguided at the very least. That doesn’t mean that Twitter can’t be successful by developing new apps or adapting the core user experience of Twitter but that does mean that it will not be easy and maybe the quest for more users will end sooner rather than later.

Before I started traveling Twitter was my go to app to see what was happening around me but since I started traveling my needs have changed and while I still use it from time to time Facebook dominates my social media needs because most people I meet be it traveler or local are more likely to have it and use it than Twitter.

It will be a long road to figure out what to do to appease shareholders who think that Twitter should have the same growth and scale of Facebook. Here’s hoping they can find a way to evolve the platform and grow again maybe without the expectations it be something that it has never been (aka like Facebook).

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Twitter Blackout OVER YAY

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Social Media | 0 comments

So twitter was down for an hour or so and my ability to randomly communicate was given a reprieve. It is so hard to think that twitter has only been around for just a few years and for me it has replaced texting and is in some ways the only way I communicate with some people. It is one of the social media pillars that is second only to Facebook and YouTube and I have come to rely on it a lot just to connect with people and find out what is going on.

Thank God it is back, it is amazing to think how distilling communication into 140 characters has become such a powerful tool for everyone to communicate with each other. I think the simplicity of the system and that it can work on anything with a screen is what has made it so influential. That and the ability for apps to be created around it has created a developer community who are using it in unique ways which has magnified the power the platform has had for all of us to connect.

I was kind of sad I didn’t see the fail whale, haven’t seen him or her I don’t know which in a while. If the bird has a name why not the whale? Thank God your back twitter, I remember back in the old days when you were down regularly, please don’t do it again.


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The Cheese is Strong in this Twitter Faux Recruitment Video

Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in Jobs, LOL, Social Media, Videos | 0 comments

Just watch and ask WTF! It takes all the worst parts of recruitment videos online. People who can’t act, cheesy music and sound effects and it is so bad it is good.

Read More the Site Launches – Test their Data to (Info)Graphic Generator

Posted by on Jul 14, 2011 in Social Media, Tech | 0 comments

Now that has officially launched we can start to see what kind of site it will be. You can test out their auto generated infographic maker on their main page. It takes your twitter information to build a simple infographic based on your twitter information or you can have a twitter stats battle and compare yourself to someone else on twitter to determine who is supreme.

Here is mine, the only thing is that I am no designer but besides, not bad, not bad at all. keep it up everyone at, can’t wait to see the cloud software when it makes it on to the site. That day should make their launch look like a walk in the part.

clickeric twitter infographic generated by




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Air New Zealand goes Social

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Advertising, Social Media | 0 comments

Sky high here is an Air New Zealand plane above a sea of clouds.

Here is a video about how Air New Zealand is connecting with people using social media by bucking the conventions and being fun and different when compared with the competition. From creating a flight experience that is above-board and having fun with their airline safety videos like this one by Richard Simmons himself that blew up on YouTube and throughout social media. They continue to show personality in an industry where there is usually very little. The videos they have created are not about the product, the sale, or anything but being fun, entertaining, and if their lucky making you laugh.

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Happy Birthday Wikipedia – 10 Years and Counting :) #yay

Posted by on Jan 18, 2011 in Social Media, Videos | 0 comments

More than 10 years ago the Encyclopedia to go to was the Encyclopedia Britannica that was fact checked and went to the experts. Today my first stop is Wikipedia which is not the end of research but is the start of it and the links that connect to it are the threads that allow you to dig deeper. Wikipedia is always on page one when I do a Google search on a topic. Now I don’t see it as a final source but a launching pad and as that it is an amazing tool.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia thanks Jimmy as I saw your pleading eyes often in your funding search I am happy your mission to raise $16 million dollars was acheived.

Here is an inforgraphic for good measure:

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