First Fight since January 2016 – Let’s Go

I am fighting today? I can’t believe I am getting into the ring with just 4 weeks of training, having not really trained consistently since I left Charn Chai Muay Thai the first time. I remember the first time I fought, how long it took me just to say yes but when it did happen …

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The Calm in the Chaos

Do you remember being asked what you wanted to be when you grow up? When any choice was possible before reality took the infinite possibilities and made them small. As you grow up you have to get realistic, you are funneled down paths that are not always based on what you want but what’s expected …

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May Agung Stay Quiet and Her People be Safe

In April last year I climbed Gunung Agung and just a year later it is fated to erupt. God I hope she stays quiet, I hope her people heed the warning and stay safe so that no one looses their lives. A lot of people who travel to Bali don’t really understand how different it …

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No Roof in Auckland

So it’s coming into summer here in New Zealand pretty soon and instead of having a bed I am sitting here writing this from a Burger King in downtown Auckland, A city I have learned to dislike a ton. Auckland Council has Bylaw no. 20, for Public Places 2008 which prohibits rough sleeping in public …

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Visiting Tauranga – Looks like a great place in the Summer

Here I am sitting in a friend’s place writing while just at the start of living in New Zealand for the next few months to the next 2 years.

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Bali A Land of Spirits, Waves and the Arts

There is a romance to the island of Bali, it’s unique in Indonesia as it retains it’s Hindu religious roots while islam spread across the archipelago. No matter how much tourism has changed the island her people remain as opening as they ever were. It is an island of Gods, volcanoes and water where you …

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Figuring out Auckland and getting it all Sorted

I arrived in New Zealand from Kuala Lumpur and it felt in some ways like going back to Toronto with their Sky Tower looming over the city below. I knew it would be an expensive place to try to live and it was even more expensive than I thought coming from Asia where I was …

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How Wandering Gave me a Reason to Believe Again

I’ve never been a risk taker in life, the one to go out to the edge and jump. That’s never been who I was and in my travels I’ve always stuck to the familiar because it is easy, it’s comfortable. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was just go travel to a random place and see what happens and have the confidence in myself and the sincerity of people that things will turn out alright.

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One Month to More than A Year of Muay Thai

Going back to when I first started traveling I never thought I would be doing any sort of martial arts. I thought I would travel the world, see the sights and meet people both locals and other travelers alike. I’ve done all that and a simple remark from a new friend changed everything.

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Getting to Pai via 762 Turns

In the hills of Northern Thailand you can find Pai, situated in a valley that’s 762 turns from Chiang Mai this small stop on the maehong son loop this area is full of personality and beauty.

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