The World – Let the Hunt Begin (Again)

Should the world come before the story or the story give rise to the world? I think the easiest way to think about it for me is the story creates the world but as a gamer I think the process can be done either way. So is it possible to do it either way. My …

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Let’s Build a World – callsign RIFT

The world building has focused on transit through space and how that differs from traditional science fiction. In reality it isn’t that much different than what you would expect to find in shows like star trek where they break the laws of physics by transiting into another dimension. In this universe FTL functions the same …

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Parking my ass at the Bake House

So my phone was dead most of the day. I have an extea battery and bothel were out of juice. So I ended up wandering the heart of Colombo searching for a place I could just sit and charge.

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Can’t sit and wait sometimes you just have to move

Waiting sucks and you can only do it for so long. I got to the point where I had to make a choice and it didn’t matter whst I choose or what I will choose all that matters is I start doing something. Writing is what I seek and inspiration is my fuel. I’ve seen …

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See you later not Goodbye to Southeast Asia

I have not written in a long time, so preoccupied with the journey I forgot to write everything down. I remember moments and already have a waterfall flow of stories, sights ans people that have made the road worth the effort and occassional head banging point of frustration.

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Recapping Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is a small town surrounded by cliffs. It is the river, the rock and the people that define Vang Vieng. More than 2 years ago the biggest attraction was the no holds bar tubing. Basically you would float down the river in a tube going from bar to bar. At these bars you …

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Seeking Change in the shadow of Cambodia

Its hard to take in an entire region like Southeast Asia ans not fewl like your going to miss something. I knew it was time to leave Thailand, I has some amazing times, lazy times, drunk ones ans scary ones. The past 6 weeks have been an experience that I can’t foeget but it was …

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When Travel Starts to Warp your Sense of Value

One thing I’ve learned about travelling is how it can warp your sense of value. If you come from North America, Europe or any Western country you know that the prices are cheaper and when you get down hear you quickly learn to work on their scale no your own. This means instead of negotiating for dollars you are negotiating for pennies and cents instead.

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You’ll Always Need More Time than you have in Bangkok

The weekend markets are great places to go when you are on the last let of a trip because they offer so much for so little but you still have to be wary because as with anything the quality will vary from stall to stall. These markets are like mazes filled to the brim with stuff of all sorts.

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First Week, 1 Hotel, 2 Hostels and a cool Crew at #Khaosan

So I’ve been in Bangkok just over a week and for the first few days I really stated low key and that continues to be the case. I’m on my own and I just go wherever I feel like. I don’t have a plan and that is probably something that I should change cause I know with a plan I would get so much more in from seeing the bib Buddha, the Grand Palace and it just seems to go on and on.

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