Dat Basketball

This Timeflies vid is LOL worthy cause that kid beats them.

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Mass Effect 3 Ending – Pick a Colour, Any Colour

Now throughout the Mass Effect trilogy of games the two paths you can take are as a renegade or a paragon. Basically one you are a bad ass willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, the other you play nice before getting your gun out and busting caps.

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Welcome Back Sim City – Your City Building (and Destroying Antics) were Missed

So Sim City is coming to PC in 2013. That is one of the best announcements to come out of GDC so far. I remember the first Sim City I played way back when, Sim City 2000 and then 3000 and how cool it was to create my own city while trying not to go broke.

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I wish this was the iPad 3 :(

Here is a concept video of what Aatma Studio would like the iPad 3 to be like and I can only say it is pretty sick. Holographic displays, 2 of these iPad 3s can become one and all that can come through it. Take a look, me want and that is all I have to …

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Toronto Batman is Awesome Fun

Hey it is Toronto Batman yelling about his dead parents to tourists and wanders alike. This video taken in February 2012 and produced by Sean Ward (@seanward) and stars Toronto Batman (@torontobatman) AKA Alex Brovedani as the caped crusader. I am just happy to see a video go viral from Toronto and that I have been …

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RIP by Timeflies for Whitney Houston

I haven’t posted a lot this week because I have come home late every night but I had to post this Timeflies Tuesday video. It celebrates the legend that is Whitney Houston and if anyone deserves it she would be one of them. I couldn’t believe that she passed on the eve of the Grammys but in …

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Siri The Horror Movie = This makes me smile

So HAL has been shrunk to pocket-size and renamed Siri. So not only has HAL shrunk but he had a sex change and got a great new outfit but the no wonder he/she is pissed. Here are the results of when Siri goes bad and decides to turn owners into . Beware, I wanted a …

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When the Time Goes By – Another Hit by Timeflies

You can only say that was awesome so many times so I won’t but one of the best things about Timeflies is for them to take whatever is going on and make that part of their weekly freestyle. Cal is the freestyle master, the man upfront while Rez lets his beat do the talking. They …

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The Voice Super Bowl Ad – Betty White and Stunt Doubles

Here is the ad for The Voice which aired right after the Super Bowl on Sunday. I never watched the show in season one but I will probably at least end up watching the blind auditions to see who gets through the first round.

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A World of Glass by Corning

A world made of glass? This is a video that goes into showing how ubiquitous glass display technology being researched by Corning could work in a variety of forms.

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