The Wonder of World Building

There is something magic about going down the rabbit hole? When you can take, every inspiration, all the ideas and manipulate that into something new. That is when you are not just a writer or a creator but of what you create you are a God. When I started creating a world I started as …

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To Begin Again

There is a sense that each step in human evolution was leading to the moment we freed ourselves of the Earth and were able to establish a permanent presence in the void. To be freed of the place of our collective birth is both terrifying and exciting. So it’s time to start that process again.

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To the words that no one reads

Everyone wants to matter, every writer wants to be read. Every day there are a lot of us that fear we are just nothing. I wonder about that one question if a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it, does it even matter. It goes back to the question we ask ourselves when we …

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The Calm in the Chaos

Do you remember being asked what you wanted to be when you grow up? When any choice was possible before reality took the infinite possibilities and made them small. As you grow up you have to get realistic, you are funneled down paths that are not always based on what you want but what’s expected …

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Fight the Repear to not just Live but Thrive

There is a day I remember, when I was in India when I was missing the familiarity of home that I wondered is this what my life is, seeing wonders and cultures but doing it on my own. That was not a good day and it still hasn’t really changed. I walk a great path …

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Facing the future with swagger

Facing the future also means not being trapped by your past and I have been running from mine for years. I’ve gotten used to being alone and independent and while it’s been great it is no longer enough. I can’t just stick to the same old routines and think that is going to somehow change …

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Waking up and starting to live

When you live in shame you are not really living you are surviving but not experiencing. I have been guilty of that for my entire adult life. I forgot what it meant to be alive, to enjoy going out or just talking to your friends. I have a great family but I am not close …

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Each of our Stories Deserves a Voice

Our lives are defined by stories, the ones told by colleages, on playgrounds, in the media in all its forms with the most important story being the one we live every day. There is an art to narrative that I am just starting to learn, that there is no magic formula but there are benchmarks …

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Crafting Character Moments to Find the Story

So it’s a month into 2017 and everyone who had a resolution either is on the journey or left it behind as happens with a lot of us. I’ve been hitting the story wall for ages, fearful of really getting down to work and getting the story started.

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Don’t Look Back, Look Ahead and Knock Some Heads

So 2016 is almost in the books, we’ve had Britain decide to leave the European Union and Donald Trump was elected as President of the Universe States. We live in interesting times. At least Trump gives all those late night hosts happy and enough material for years to come. I am still in Auckland but …

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