A Great Day, A Better Year and A New Resolve

Should I take a look at what I’ve accomplished as another year has come and gone and a new one has already begun? I could look at what my life lacks or what I have gained.

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Worth and Value for Today and Tomorrow

What is the value of your life? Is it in your family, the people you touch and or the difference you have. Should you dream to reach those ambitions that drove you as a child or have you grown up and made your dreams small, or have they been shattered so often that you just try to hold on as you hide the truth.

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Release the words with no voice – Wrote this on Facebook but it makes more sense here

Sorry I am pouring the cup dry with this because I only have the words but no voice. The reason I write is because that is where it comes out the best, it is my way to release the knots even if it is just a temporary reprieve from the chaos. No one needs to …

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The Urge to Push On

When you have traveled for a while or even a short time you have the urge to keep on going, of not stopping and heading back to wherever home is.

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Why I Won’t Return to Toronto

So I’ve been off living in Thailand for more than a year and was traveling for 15 months before that all around Asia. I haven’t worked since before I left Toronto.

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The Intimacy of Heroes and Villains

As I’ve figured out story elements in movies of strong linkages between the hero and the villain, you do this to make the story more personal as much as they are often going for those epic stories.

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The art of the Limit and how not to Succumb

Limit -a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass. Some people see limitations as boundaries to break past, others see it as prison that they cannot escape. We all have limitations, some physical and the harder ones psychological. They inform us about what we can do and we …

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Possible Roadblocks that make you Give Up

As a child we are told that all things are possible, as a teenager we learn that roadblocks are challenges to overcome, as an adult you are told to get real and give up on those dreams, don’t dream big, be realistic not idealistic. I got to the point where my world shrunk, where the …

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If I ever met….

If I ever met love, she would be a passionate kiss, a push and a challenge to be more than I could ever see within myself.

If I were to meet hate he would try to punch me in the gut so I never forget the pain.

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The Root of No Belief

People travel the world for a number of reasons this is what we say for many it is a holiday, the ability to explore, the oh so common I’m finding myself, to having to do or see something very specific. I don’t think those are at the root of why we need to wander. Sure they are part of the reason but not the stem from which the reason grows.

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