The Root of No Belief

People travel the world for a number of reasons this is what we say for many it is a holiday, the ability to explore, the oh so common I’m finding myself, to having to do or see something very specific. I don’t think those are at the root of why we need to wander. Sure they are part of the reason but not the stem from which the reason grows.

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Thoughts on “What I am Doing”

I have no clue what I am doing, who I want to be or why I am here? I’ve been traveling for more than a year and a half and although I am not the same person I was I am still searching for who it is I want to be.

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Wandering the Mind’s Eye

As you search for inspiration for the story you are taking so much from the world you see but as you perceive it which is changes everything. It is the difference between seeing the brighter side of its darker one

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Roommate Mess and Coming to a Self-Realization

My roommate confronted me after tensions rose beyond all sense of reason. She came to my room, knocked on my door, yelled at me then threw a water bottle at me. After I tried getting her out of my room for fear she may try to break my computer or something valuable she kicked me and grabbed my arm scratching me and trying to force me out of my room. I didn’t do anything back except get her hands off me and get her out of my room.

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Sending my 2015 Intentions into the Ether

On the second of January 2015 after the fireworks are only an echo and the lanterns have all returned o Earth what shall I think about what is to be this year. It is unknown, can’t be known but let me give voice to my intentions or focuses.

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When you have no idea what to do just do something

Have you ever been stuck between numerous unable to decide what direction to take. I’ve faced that choice many times and what I know today is that ultimately it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. You can’t keep all possibilities open, that just isn’t an option and if you choose more than one or two can you really give your all to either?

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Crossing the Central Spire to find a Sense of Home

There comes a point when you know there is no going back to what or who you were before. Sometimes its immediate sometimes its subtle but that moment remains. As I’ve been traveling I’ve gotten farther away from what I thought my goal was and now all I know is that I don’t know, that I must find the experiences that will help to direct whatever I decide.

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The hope, the wonder, the last

I wish I knew? I hope for the best? And no matter what else happens I will keep on working until the last moment, until I have no more, until I can go no farther, until the last breath leaves and I can go no farther. That is where I am, all that’s left and who I am.

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letting Go – Banishing the Shade

Its funny I just wrote a huge post that failed to upload it took me awhile to do and was damn long so I’m gonna keel its replacement short and sweet. I’m letting go of my fear, doubt, hate, the comparisons people make and of worthlessness. These are my albatrosses, the thingd that prevent me …

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Keeping it nice and simple for 2014

So we are a week into 2014, the winter olympics are round the bend and many of us are already way past due on resolutions. I’m one of them. I created a world now it’s time to play within it, while continuing to nurture its creation. My goal is simple have a story outlined in …

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