An Awesome TED Talk by Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work :)

In this time of economic uncertainty it is so easy to get down. I know I have been at the grindstone for awhile and it has been brutal at times. It gets easy to just see the negative but there is that belief in positive thinking.

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In Search of a Job or a Mission

I have been thinking about what am I looking for a job or a mission? That is a key question that I am trying to figure out as I figure my next steps.

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My Bucket List

So it is a new year and a time to rethink who you are and what you want to do. Here is my bucket list on what to do in no particular order. I have this as a blog post but I am also making it a page so I know where to go when …

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A New Year for the Next Steps

Now I am not a writer by trade although I do pretend at times. Now that I have a bit of time I have been thinking about writing a story. I am keeping a few bucket lists for random ideas that I come up with or are inspired by.

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QUICK Thoughts on 2011 and A Welcome to 2012

So 2011 is in the books. It was the start of a new decade and brought so much global strife and concern. The Middle East had a few pivot points that will reverberate for years to come.

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Filling the Vacuum

I have searched a long, long time for my own meaning and I am not eve sure what that is or what it means. What I do know is that I have struggled to build the pillars of my life. I am so lucky with great parents and family but as we have all moved …

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The Why an the Risk

When you ask the question why you want to know the reason for someone’s action. Their justification for why they do something in legal terms can be seen somewhat like consent. It can be a difference maker. The reason why I write about why is because it is also a matter of focus. I feel …

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What will come

Been thinking about what it takes to run and what we run away from. I have been running from of fear, the shadow of failure, the heaviness of doubt and the type of darkness that makes the brightest of lights just a sliver on the horizon. I am thinking about the risks to take, the …

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My Rules to Engage in the Battle Ahead

There are always rules to follow, the give our society the framework that it is built upon. I was thinking about the good, happy, laughter, calm, frustration, doubt and fear and I thought about all the little lessons that I have learned from the road to this point. This is my basis, my foundation for …

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#SocialMedia Crack

5 years ago there was no social media crack And let alone people to make it not lack Now Facebook is king and experts spring They say they know how to make the follow From status updates to tweets It is all about new people to meet With likes and shares that means annoyances are …

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