My CV 2013 style, click to see the full PDF.

My CV 2013 style, click to see the full PDF.

So my name is Eric and I am a sometimes writer, always social, and passionate story guy. I have worked in many different type of places in several capacities from being an intern, accounts dude,  freelance writer, editor,  journalist, community manager and most recently a digital strategist/copywriter guy. If you are reading this then you will be asking why haven’t I been able to stay at a single place.

I was searching for answers about who I was, who I am and who I wish to become and all these roles have helped to filter that image into something that is now more clear than it is cloudy. I will not give in but keep charging ahead and be part of something greater than the sum. I have taken some time to develop a script idea and am focusing my efforts on the startup scene.

So I am looking for a role in social media to help build strong communities, turn ideas into something real that engage and rally the tribe. I want to work with a team who wholeheartedly believe in what they are doing. They don’t see problems, they see challenges to rise up to and failure is not as a negative but a stepping stone to success.  This team and company will empower people or give a reprise from the day-to-day or  just make lives a little better and bring their goals a little closer to fruition.

Here is another version of my CV that goes in a bit more detail on my experience:

You can find me as @clickeric on twitter, email me at or find me on Linkedin below if you are in need lets talk about where this will lead.

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