Here is the home of my BUCKET LIST updated as of 24-08-12. This is the stuff I want to do. While some of these are one off’s others are about learning and expanding my knowledge and experiences but they are all worth the effort in on way or another.

I wrote this as a blog post but I thought its own page would be better so I know where to go when I get to check them off my list. This is about setting goals and achieving them and it is always great when one of them gets knocked off the list.


35.  Climb a mountain in a foreign country

36. See a lion in the wild

37. Write a Novel for National Novel Writing Month

38. Write a song

39. Do it in a risky locale

40. Bake a cake cause cakes are Mmmmm

41. Eat a prepared bug of some sort, I will have to do this when I am Asia I imagine.


DONE – Finished my first few drafts now time to take it to the next level 1. Write a script – One for a movie and or maybe a pilot for a show

PLANNING/DREAMING ABOUT IT NOW 2. Travel the world – At least 10 countries on my first go around. 🙂 Southeast Asia or Latin America are my starting points, the rest who knows.

– I have touched down in Florida, Hawaii, the Philippines, California, Georgia, New York City, Montreal and that should only be the start. Most recently I went to Las Vegas and thinking about what countries to travel to if I decide to get out there.

DONE 3. Write for a magazine

DONE 4. Write stories for an awesome blog

5. Learn to code – I tried code academy before but need to get back on board

6. Make my own weird concoction of sushi – I was thinking a salmon avocado core with a beef outer layer Mmmmm

DONE 7. Try me some Indian food

8. Do some freestyle rap and but the hilarity on YouTube – This will be more stupid funny embarrassing than anything else

DONEISH 9. Work for a rockin startup – I have worked with small companies before but a consistent paying gig would be nice

DONEISH 10. Consistently blog – Yeah this is a real bitch sometimes but hey it will help me used to constantly putting stuff out in the digital world even if I am the only one that reads it

DONE 11.  Ride a horse – Because who didn’t want to be a cowboy at least once when they were young

12. Ride a Segway – I have always wanted to try one, just so full of win 🙂

13. Learn some photography – I see what Trey Ratcliff from http://www.stuckincustoms.com/ is able to do and it makes me want to go out myself

DONE BUT NEED TO KEEP IT UP 14. Do more video, learn a bit more about editing and throw it on YouTube

15. Learn to cook – I am a guy, what can I say I burn more often that I would say I cook

16. MOVE from the box – I live in a decent place but I need to find a better one STAT

I AM DOING THIS NOW BUT THERE ARE QUITE A FEW OF THEM TO GET THROUGH 17. Get caught up on the stack of books you have to get through

18. Skydive – It would be sick

19. Go whitewater rafting – I admit I kind of have a death wish

20. Bungee jump (from a hot air balloon) – Yeah it would be awesome

DONE but need to do it again 🙂 21. Explore Kensington Market – I have been there but haven’t wandered through it enough (and maybe find a nice hat while I do)

22. Take a ride in a helicopter

23. Talk to someone new every day I am out and about

THINKING ABOUT NOW 24. Start your own company – This is one of those far off hopes but you gotta have something to dream for

DONE 25. Attend a protest – I did the G8 protest and wandered around the Occupy Bay Street protest last year

26. Do a presentation at a conference – A long shot but might as well put it on the list

27. Create your own fantasy world – world building baby

28. Write a short story

29. Move to another country

DONE 30. Have a super expensive meal at a fancy French restaurant where some of the wine can cost more than a mortgage.

HAVE NOT DONE IN WAY TOO LONG 31. Go and date, take the chance to show who you are, all the faults, failures, joys and strength to someone. Don’t be afraid but find that place where you happy with who you are and what you are doing and that will help you cross this next line.

32. Write something every day.

33. Get a script you write bought and made (this is that pie in the sky type dream)

34. Eat a Turducken 🙂


I believe, because I want to, not because I need to but because it will happen, with a lot of hard work, lots of challenges and with a grin on my face.