Mmmm…Rooster Sauce [Infographic] – Me Hungry

I can use Chinese rooster sauce on anything and I didn’t know what it really was or what you could use if for till I had a look at this infographic.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia – 10 Years and Counting :) #yay

More than 10 years ago the Encyclopedia to go to was the Encyclopedia Britannica that was fact checked and went to the experts. Today my first stop is Wikipedia which is not the end of research but is the start of it and the links that connect to it are the threads that allow you to dig deeper. Wikipedia is always on page one when I do a Google search on a topic. Now I don’t see it as a final source but a launching pad and as that it is an amazing tool.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia thanks Jimmy as I saw your pleading eyes often in your funding search I am happy your mission to raise $16 million dollars was acheived.

Here is an inforgraphic for good measure:

The Search for IKEA Canada’s New AOR

IKEA Canada has put the account up for review. They are ending their relationship with CP+B Canada which ends a seven year relationship.

Do symbols hold inherent meaning, or only what we apply to them? Semantics, or syntax?

I think that symbols fro a societal context hold meaning and that individually that symbolism can be magnified or mitigated by our own perceptions and experience. So in a word it is a combination of the two.

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RIM’s Playbook from #CES

Ever since I learned about QNX I have been wondering what RIM’s tablet was going to be like. So far it looks like a really slick device that uses established web technologies like Flash and HTML5 rather well. Here is another look at it from CES. I wonder if it will have an email app if you have the Playbook but not a blackberry or if that will come with the 3G model that is coming this summer. I love the multitasking ability and the speed of the system and if they can get it to a +10 hr battery life I think they have a possible contender.

Here is another look at the thing from CES:

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