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At the @sidlee thing :) – Opps this is blurry my bad

Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Advertising, Photos | 0 comments

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Checking out the @sidlee thing cheers all

Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in Advertising, Photos, Toronto | 0 comments

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Captain America & Thor Artwork – The Start of #ComicCon is Here

Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in Hollywood, Movies | 0 comments

The start of Comic Con is upon us and everyone can let the geek in them go free. Your favourite anime, manga, superhero and sci-fi heroes go from the screen or the page to real life through the impressive skills of the cosplayers. They work their magic and everyone else takes pictures.

So in honour of Comic Con here are the first artwork done for the Captain America and Thor Movies. THe level of geekery is increasing with each passing minute and I can’t wait for the news to come out of Comic Con. What was once a place for comics has become a place all sorts of entertainment content. I hope we get another trailer of Tron Legacy, that movie is only 6 months from release and the next one is already in the works.

So stand up, be proud of your passion whether that an Anime, videogame, novel, comic character or whatever for the next we can all have fun and reveal in the what it means to be passionate about the things that bring us to a new world so we can better appreciate our own.

Welcome back Comic Con….time to start your engines.

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Terence Kawaja’s IAB Networks and Exchanges Keynote from Slideshare

Posted by on Jul 20, 2010 in Advertising, Tech | 0 comments

Listening to this to learn more about the mobile space.

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Thoughts on what I think, what I know, hope for and what it is not

Posted by on Jul 20, 2010 in Writing | 0 comments

If I thought that life was fair, then I was an idiot.

If I thought that I knew anything at all then I was a liar.

If I thought I deserved more or less than anyone else, then I lack wisdom.

If I thought about what lay ahead, never forget about what I have in the present.

I know that I can only control myself, everything else is beyond my ability to change.

I know that luck may play a role but ultimately I have sit and win the round.

I know that getting to the finish line is not the end but just a stop on the journey.

I know that if I am not willing to take a risk I can’t expect anyone to do the same.

I hope that I can prove my worth every day I get up.

I hope that tomorrow will lead me from the gates of information to the halls of knowledge

I hope that I can help open the doors for others as others have opened the doors for me.

I hope that I can be better tomorrow that I am today.

It is not about the struggle it is about the opportunity.

It is not about the darkness it is about recognizing the light.

It is not about what I do know it is about what I will discover.

It is not about the beginning, middle or end it is about the journey.

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Reality distortion field remains strong with #Apple #LOL

Posted by on Jul 19, 2010 in Apple, LOL, Videos | 0 comments

It isn’t in English but you don’t need to understand it to get it. Very funny.

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The Maturation of the Internet is Mobile

Posted by on Jul 18, 2010 in Tech, Writing | 0 comments

Is mobile the maturation of the internet as a whole? People have been talking about the development of the net forever and its explosion over the last decade and a half. Now that mobile technology is flourishing and wireless data is exploding we are seeing the potential of what a data rich world can provide. Slowly but surely we no long have to be chained to a desk but can take our data with us wherever we go. It is not just through smartphones but iPad type devices that we incorporate into our daily life that is fundamentally changing what data means to us?

In the short term this means that we are paying for our devices as the data access points and could be paying the same companies per device. We are seeing this with the iPad, iPhone and other devices. When these devices reach a certain point consumer pressure and changing models will have to adapt to new usage patterns. The consumer will only pay for data separately up to a point and there will come a time when at least I hope where I can get a data plan pool and dip any device I choose into it. That flexibility will be cost a premium at first but it will decline over time. (I hope)

This depends on the marketplace and in Canada I can see this being a very slow and gradual process that may not even come to pass given the power and influence of the telecommunication firms have. Mobile is changing so fast it can make your head spin but rich media is a part of many of our lives and that will only expand and quickly as the iPhone and Android platforms are showing.

Mobile with GPS becomes a powerful tool and foursquare shows us how engagement and a real ability to change behaviour. While this may never represent the majority of people it will continue to grow. The ability for advertisers and companies to tap into these markets is what the evolution of the internet is becoming. Think of Japan as it is today with mobile but increase the scale and level the platforms more and that is where I think we are heading. Mobile is the maturation of the internet and its incorporation into our daily lives wherever we are.

Welcome to the next battleground. Run and duck and be prepared to fight it out as there will be some winners and many losers as we figure out what it means to live in a sea of data anytime, anywhere and as that comes to all of us not just the few.

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