Its cool, to I just need a walk then get me out of here! (21 hours in transit)

You think travel is about the awesome sights, sounds and smells and you would be right but it is also defined by the waiting. I’ve already done hours of it in just 2 days. Getting on the plane via Chinese Southern Airlines was normal, there was a mostly Chinese crowd heading home from Vancouver.

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Walking Coal Harbour towards Stanley Park

The most shocking thing I saw while I was in Vancouver for that brief 36 hours was the fact that the Sky Train was on the honour system. You pay after you move through the turnstiles which I never thought any city would do. It makes you start seeing what people love about Vancouver and …

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Let’s Start the Wandering (in Vancouver)

I’ve been out of Toronto for the past few weeks wondering if traveling was a good idea and I still don’t know the answer to that. I feel like its the right thing and I guess that has too be enough. So I only have a day in Vancouver before I head out to Southeast …

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Leaving the Lie to Discover the Truth

These are my last few days in Toronto, I’m leaving town not having found my footing but its freeing knowing that one road is over and a new one is upon me. I came to Toronto five years ago hoping to get a job and build a life. I got a job and moved but that crashed and burned pretty fast.

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Here’s to the party #travelmassive and #tbex Style

So travel bloggers from around the world descended on Toronto for a weekend of networking, drinks and and fun across the GTA. It’s funny I have lived in Toronto for years and its surprising how easy it is to take things for granted. From the diversity, to the events and the people you forget how …

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Makerbot at Mesh is #socool

I was at Mesh last week and I got a chance to see a MakerBot, one of those 3D printers that’s making the rounds slowly but steadily becoming mainstream. Here are a few pictures of one up close. Seeing it work is pretty damn cool and knowing you can download objects and print them out …

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Another LSM hits Toronto Validation through Punishment (kidding) #LSMTO

Just the other week another Lean Startup Machine came to Toronto, occupying the [IN]cubes office in Toronto. I’m not a coder or a startup person myself. In reality I’m an observer whose seen the frustration and spark that goes on when you are forced to face strangers with your ideas and watch them either tear you a new one, confirm your hypothesis or reveal the unexpected.

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My Anthem of a New Start (Written while I’ve been in NYC)

I’ve walked the long road, the one that dips and turns, with barriers and locks It’s not a single path but a maze I’ve been lost in fog as I try to find my own sense of self I still don’t know who that Eric is, I can feel that guy but he’s been hidden …

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Bang! Forget Music, Download an Assault Rifle with Matt Fisher

It resulted in thingiverse changing its term of service and removing all gun parts from the service. As a result Defense Distributed whose goal it is to “facilitating global access to, and the collaborative production of, information and knowledge related to the 3D printing of arms” created DEF CAD to give these gun designs a permanent online home.

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Brilliance isn’t Enough if you can’t Persuade via @lgeffen at #fitcto

Lanny Geffen, creative director at Digiflare based in the GTA, came to FITC 2013 to let this audience of designers, developers, business folks know that brilliance alone isn’t enough. If you can’t persuade the client to get on board, then you’ve already lost.

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