HTTPS or BUST (Come everyone let’s get on the Encryption Bandwagon)

Your online world starts with http aka hypertext transfer protocol. It is the base protocol that the Internet is built on. With HTTPS being encrypted within either transport layer security or secure sockets layer.

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Thoughts on the Path Ahead

Here I am sitting in an office at 4am cause I have no place to go. In some ways I am as pathetic as they get and in other ways I am so lucky to be able to come and go with such ease without worry and responsibility.

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A look at NZ Small Businesses in the eyes of Social and Search

New Zealand has a lot of small businesses. According to the 2016 Small Business Factsheet in 2013 small businesses with 0-19 employees were responsible for 26% of New Zealand’s GDP. They fuel a lot of growth and employ a huge number of Kiwis and the hard part about the sheer number of SMBs is that …

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Linkedin Profile Photo Professional YAY or NAY

So I writing about branding yesterday, doing content for the Digital Squad and I remembered doing my CV and I put an image in it. I use the CV for everything and I wanted to use a recent picture but since I’ve been traveling for the last few years I didn’t have any that were of me in work clothes. All my photos were of me training or just doing travel things like wandering around.

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Thoughts on Branding

What a brand is matter how big or small is what it you are there to do, what do you stand for and what drives you to do it. Living to these ideals in all aspects of your business because its who you are will make your customers go to you. Authenticity is hard to fake because it comes across in subtle ways as much as the obvious ones and it’s what makes your brand feel real.

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What could be Trending for SEO in 2017

SEO is a fast moving river that is always adapting and changing as we do. As we see the bookend of 2016 approaching like a freight train 2017 will come in just as fast. So what do the tea leaves say to those steeped in the black art of SEO. When we look into our Crystal ball at the digital squad we find these some of the trends that will be crashing against the shore.

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Learning the Art of the Rep

In today’s world you have to expect that before you ever get that call for a job interview the HR manager has already googled you, looked you up on Facebook and or have reviewed your Linkedin profile. According to the search engine journal in February 2012 80% of companies use social media for recruiting.

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No Roof in Auckland

So it’s coming into summer here in New Zealand pretty soon and instead of having a bed I am sitting here writing this from a Burger King in downtown Auckland, A city I have learned to dislike a ton. Auckland Council has Bylaw no. 20, for Public Places 2008 which prohibits rough sleeping in public …

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Doing what you love is about suffering

I’m reading two books The Fighter’s Mind by Sam Sheridan and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. What came across was about passion for what you do. Sam eloquently says that what separates good fighters from the best is their dedication to their craft not only train but live so steeped …

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Hope Against being Drowned by the Noise

Each day we can evolve and a birthday is a reminder of how we came to be but our experiences and choices will be what defines who we are and how we are remembered by those we care for. So today don’t look back, don’t look ahead live for this moment.

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