We All Want to Be Young by @box1824 – a great vid on millennials

A longish (10 min) video about the power of youth yesterday and more importantly today. It is all about how youth has changed and is changing. I love the concepts they discus like the nonlinear thinking of youth today and the fear of being overwhelmed by the world of information. This way of thinking is a reflection of the …

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This is the Best Dad Evar!! = @​cobra_mike

He made his kid into a Mini-Deadmau5 for Halloween. Enough said. That is totally awesome and I can bet his boy will never forget it. 🙂 It was cool but when the lights and silver were added it became completely and totally epic in a single blow. Man that was sooooo cool. He even got …

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The Slap Chop Rap #newtome

I just saw this on my facebook feed and I was rolling, a little old but new to me. I love when people make videos into raps. I have no idea how they do it but cheers to djsteveporter on youtube. Great job on this one. Here is the Slap Chop website and is it …

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Notebook for the airplane #modders rock

Benjamin J. Heckendorn is quite the modder and I am loving his work. If only this notebook had a tablet screen it would rock the house for me and you could sign me up for it. This is an interesting thing and I want him to take Microsoft Kinect and mod that sucker for my …

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#TronLegacy Final Trailer #YAY

#OMG this sooo should have been a summer movie instead of a winter one. My level of hype is increasing for Tron Legacy and I only vaguely remember the original one either. Should I see the original before I see the looooooooooong awaited sequel or should I go in blind? I will at least wikia …

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AutoDesk Holograms Presented by Gordon Freeman (lookalike)

I love me some good technology and this is some awesome stuff. It renders data from the AutoDesk software products in a 3D hologram form using that can be seen on a displayed on a specialized flat surface. They make the technology in several different formats and for many different perspectives. It is cheaper than …

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#ChuckNorris in a Czech T-Mobile AD – Ass Kickin’ goes East

So I saw this in my email and having the Chuck Norris fact generator meant that if I valued my life or my teeth at all I had to post this: Chuck Norris in a Czech  T-Mobile ad. I was thinking WTF and OMG then LOL all at once! For good measure here is the …

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Carmakers’ New Problem Gen Y: Car or No Car?

via msnbc.msn.com I can totally understand the shift away from cars. When I was younger a car was seen as giving you freedom but now I see it as a money sink. From gas, to maintenance and insurance unless you absolutely need it I would give a car a pass. I don’t see it as …

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Interview: Tasha Dean, Director of Digital Media Arts, TBWATORONTO

There is a reason that TBWA does such great work and Tasha Dean, Director of Media Arts explains why. Tasha discusses social integration, education and more.

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I Love Jango

I am listening to Jango right now and they ware my streaming internet radio destination. I have been using it for awhile now and I just like that you can type in an artist and have it play. While it many not be as feature rich as other similar sites I like the simplicity of …

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