Diversity in the Ad Game

I saw this on my facebook feed and I thought it was great, especially as a minority myself. The diversity, the differences and where those perspectives collideĀ is where the fun is at. I think that the best people who can make a huge impact are the ones that come from completely different background and experiences. …

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ATOMIC TOM: Stolen Instruments = No Problem (With your iPhones)

Here is Atomic Tom playing on the New York City Subway Train B. They had their instruments stolen but here they go with their iPhones. An epic play and wicked cool. I love the song to. Now this is a great way they can use to get new fans and it was organic and viral. …

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The Story of Stuff and in this case – Bottled Water

We all know that bottled water is something that is a nice to have and that all those bottles ad up. Where here is a video that shows the story of stuff and in this case that stuff is water. The quality of the video is great and I love the focus on solution. Credit: …

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Leg Room is not Just an Option via Metal Potential

I found this very funny and damn did that Cab driver have a great seat. LOL Thanks to Rob Schwartz on his blog Metal Potential. Credit: Metal Potential

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Coco and Explosives = #wickedcool

So as Coco prepares for his new late night TV show here is another short YouTube video as the hype escalates. Man I eat this stuff up, sorry Jay you have been replaces but no worries my parents still love you, me you are cool but a little long in the tooth.

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Microsoft Introduces Deep Zoom at Ad Week

via adbuzzcanada.posterous.com I wrote this for Ad Buzz Canada and I like the possibilities of Deep Zoom. Posted via email from @clickeric’s posterous

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Ideas – When the Light Bulb Electrocutes

So I have had lots of ideas and mostly they just sit in the back of my mind but kind of like writing I need a place I can put them. That usually goes into a notebook that I carry around. The problem is I forget about them or don’t look back. So with this …

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Agency Tour: Juniper Park

We take a tour of the award winning Juniper Park’s old office and talk with Barry Quinn, ECD and Partner. Barry discusses the successes of his agency as well as what Canada needs to do to make it in the world of Advertising.

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TNS Digital Life – Cool Stats Presented in a Pleasing Manner :)

via discoverdigitallife.com I just started digging into Digital Life but I love the style and the data they are showing. Amazing stuff and you know I always love an infographic. The most frequent activity online by Digital Life is Email at 72%, then News at 55% and then social and interest is tied for 3rd, …

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Blendtec + Old Spice = This :)

We all knew that with all the parodies of Old Spice that Blendtec would get in on the action. Well here it is, not Old Spice per say but at least they got one of the better spoofs of it. This is great if a little predictable and corny but who doesn’t love a little …

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