Lowe Roche loses the Roche (as Geoffrey Roche Steps Down) *updated*

Lowe Roche is losing their namesake as Geoffrey Roche who started the shop in 1991 has decided to leave the advertising industry and devote himself full-time to Poolhouse. Poolhouse is a web-based media company he started with his son Alexandre Roche in May 2007.

Poolhouse has developed online properties such as Dogbook, Catbook, and Horsebook which started as Facebook apps and are also available on iPhone. Poolhouse just launched 44 Shoes at the start of this year, and is preparing to launch a lifestyle brand in the near future. Dogbook started as a Facebook app and has spawned many new incarnations with most of them being available on as iPhone apps. I love Rodentbook just because it sounds very quirky and weird. (Hey Geoffrey where is Rabbitbook, that would ooze cute.)


Air New Zealand goes Social

Sky high here is an Air New Zealand plane above a sea of clouds.

Here is a video about how Air New Zealand is connecting with people using social media by bucking the conventions and being fun and different when compared with the competition. From creating a flight experience that is above-board and having fun with their airline safety videos like this one by Richard Simmons himself that blew up on YouTube and throughout social media. They continue to show personality in an industry where there is usually very little. The videos they have created are not about the product, the sale, or anything but being fun, entertaining, and if their lucky making you laugh. (more…)

Finding the Space to Write (Cause you only get better by doing)

I wrote a quick post that will go up on my blog (that nobody reads) tomorrow, have more copy to go over, and trying to find more time to write about the ad game. I know that I am talking to myself but I think it is something I need to do. I recently felt like I had lost something and it killed my confidence but I feel that I can do better both personally and professionally It has been a challenge to find my footing but I am getting there.

I am at the point where I know that I have options and am not limited by what I did (or who I wrote for) yesterday but if I can show people what I am doing now, and what I will be doing tomorrow that I can do it. Has it been easy will there be more bumps, hell yeah but I will enjoy every moment of this roller coaster.

Now what do you think about that. :)

Filling the Vacuum

Canadian Forces patrolling the Panjwaii district in Kandahar province last month Credit: Canadian Forces

I have searched a long, long time for my own meaning and I am not eve sure what that is or what it means. What I do know is that I have struggled to build the pillars of my life. I am so lucky with great parents and family but as we have all moved into different periods in our lives I know that my life is the most shallow. The one with the fewest beats, experiences, and of little consequence. I know that I shouldn’t feel this way but it is like the shadow in who I am that I am constantly trying to escape as even going on my third decade soon I have yet to find. There is something that has been long missing in my life and one part is purpose. Purpose that goes to the heart of why I am on this planet, that is more than a job, or a career but a fire that burns and spreads until it encompasses everything that you are or wish to be. (more…)

Canada at Cannes 2011

Cannes Lions 2011 is in the books and Canada represented with 3 more Lions than last year for a total of 17. The big winner was Nike’s 3 minute commercial “Write the Future”which took home the Grand Prix in the film category. Canadian represented in film with “Change” by BBDO Toronto for FedEx, “Pink Ponies” by john st. and “Golf” by TAXI  Toronto for Viagra who each took home bronze.


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