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Here is Eric Floresca who is a world wandering writer booking it to noveldom in search of the story.

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Roundtable with Ron Tite: Part 2 (of many)

Posted by on Feb 28, 2011 in Interviews, News, People | 0 comments

Here is part two of the Roundtable with Ron Tite the VP of Innovation Practice at Euro RSCG. They get into the world that Canadians know well which is doing more with less (sometimes much less) and how ideas are curbed as they make their way from the creatives, to accounts and to the client and back again (man what a roller coaster).

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Consistency is the Hope – Making it Happen is the Problem

Posted by on Feb 27, 2011 in Writing | 0 comments

Where do people get there information today? I think that I get more information via the twitter and facebook feeds than ever before. How many people like me have blogs that have meander and that are still trying to find a meaning for being. I have to admit I am guilty of that myself. I should be blogging daily but in a world of noise it is so easy to put off  and I didn’t have a goal when I started doing it but maybe I will use it as a place to just put out what I find interesting or cool. I am not sure yet but I will try to write regularly if not daily. We will see if I can do it but this is the start.

As one month ends and another is soon to begin might as well get it started.

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Babe vs the Nissan Juke

Posted by on Feb 26, 2011 in Creative | 0 comments

This is via our Ad Buzz friend Steve Murphy:

Does this make you want to buy a Juke? If so, why?

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Coke Brings Happy via Truck [press here] *Updated*

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Creative | 0 comments

So last year Coca-Cola rolled out its happiness campaign and they surprised and delighted with their Happiness Vending Machine.

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YouTube’s Ad Blitz Gives the Internet’s Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Creative, News | 0 comments

On February 19th YouTube revealed who won the Internet Super Bowl Ad war for the top 5 voted ads as voted on by the rockers and the socker YouTube viewers.

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Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in Awesome, Videos | 0 comments

WOW this is totally awesome, great job Johnny McEntee a Quarterback at the University of Connecticut. Man dude I hope you are the first string QB on the team but you will always be known on YouTube. Man I wish I could do that.

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Thanks #Departures – You Gave Me The #Travelbug

Posted by on Feb 20, 2011 in Travel | 0 comments

When I was back home for the holidays I watched a travel show called Departures and it gave me a slight itch to ditch everything and just life at least for a little while for the experience. I would love to travel for a year and until recently I didn’t have anything holding me back. Then I actually got a job job. Not a freelance gig, not an assignment someone wanted to hire me. I accepted the position and I start at the beginning of March. I am really excited to get started because the position is a challenging one and it is a new role for the firm but part of me is sad because I made a promise to myself that will go unfulfilled, if I didn’t find a job by the end of February I would travel to South America in the Spring for not a week or two but 3 months or so.

That is not going to happen and I am not sad about that but I was looking forward to putting my foot down and going for it. I have always been someone scared about travelling but now I can’t wait to do it and not just for a vacation but for the experience of another culture. I want to go to a place to experience what it is like for the people that live there so that I can better understand this amazing world we live in.

So that doesn’t mean that I am not thinking about my next chance to go and travel and while it may be many months away I am aiming for winter 2011. I plan to see if I can take the two week holiday add in some vacation time (hopefully I will still be at the job I start in a week) and see if the slowness of the period will allow me to be gone for 6 weeks or so. That should be off season for South East Asia and that is where I want to go.

Now I am thinking of doing some couch surfing and want to find a friend to go with but if I can’t I will not let that stop me and I will still go on my own for those 6 weeks because that itch is just going to get worse. While I am there or in the area I may also use that time to get and visit some agencies and get some content up for The Ad Buzz too because that would be awesome.

So that is not a plan but something that I want to work towards. 2 years from now I want the option of getting out of Canada and living abroad, away from the comfort of home and really be out there. I am not sure that will happen but hopefully the skills I learn in the positions I have had will make that a possibility. If I love what I do then that answer may not be the same but the travel bug is not easily quieted and I know I must do this. All things come and I have not done it but sometime in the next few months the time is going to visit 3 or 4 countries and experience a world that I could only see in my imagination.

That is worth the sacrifice, the hardship and the journey…..a journey to grow who I can be and how I see the world we call home. That is something that if possible I think we all should do. The journey is too short, the time to few no matter how old you are, so that is what I am going to aim for, that is what I will plan to do and I will not let my own fear or anything else stand in my way.

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