The Random Sprinkling of Holiday Cheer via (a few) Ad Agencies

So tis the season for cheer and agencies put their own unique spin on the festive season with random bouts of joy.

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Agency Tour: john st.

johnst President Arthur Fleischmann gives Ad Buzz a behind the scenes look at the great Ad Shop. Come with us as we tour all the levels of johnst and get to know the people with in.

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GJP Advertising Becomes Blammo Worldwide

So the Ad Buzz went to see what was for sale at the GJP Advertising fire sale. From ancient notebook computers (3 years old and some way older) to books on advertising, beer, and every subject you can imagine to several of Alan Gee’s own jackets.

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We visit with TBWA Toronto and take a tour of their fabulous space. Tasha Dean walks us through this great agency and it is easy to see why they do so well in this industry.

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Agency Tour: Juniper Park

We take a tour of the award winning Juniper Park’s old office and talk with Barry Quinn, ECD and Partner. Barry discusses the successes of his agency as well as what Canada needs to do to make it in the world of Advertising.

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