#storytime From Clean to the Red Mist

Here is a start of a story, I just need to start writing and this was the beginning of that process for me. It’s not a full story but the start of one. Here is the inciting incident. I still don’t know who these characters are but I needed something to happen to get the ball rolling. This scene wasn’t supposed to go into the direction it did but I needed that moment and I took the Die Hard route given it’s the holidays. I originally posted this on Medium but also want to use my own online space for this material while I get a feel for writing something this way.

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The NANOWIMO Mission starts in just 18 Days #shouldidoit

The clock is ticking for National Novel Writing Month (NANOWIMO) which starts in November and goes till month’s end. I learned about it a few years ago and always wanted to participate but never have. I’d start preparing for it looking to get involved but always got distracted by the closest shiny object in my …

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Creating the World has Choked my ability to find the Story

So I keep on going back to the world, I’ve done a ton of world building over the last year or two and what was just a concept has ballooned into a universe and it is killing me. I created a science fiction universe from who the science works, to the state of Earth in the future but I am stuck.

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