#Nike – Write the Future – Another Great Ad

There are very few that stand above the crap that is out there when it comes to advertising but Nike is one of those and here is the proof: <p>Nike Write The Future from Wieden + Kennedy London on Vimeo.</p> Posted via email from @clickeric’s posterous

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#NED vs #ESP the FIFA World Cup Finale

So who are you going for? I am gunning for Spain to take it this time but both are deserving. Both teams have never won a world cup and to see them play this game in Africa is truely remarkable. Go Netherlands, win it Spain and start rocking the second the whistle blows! So in …

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The Crack I mean #worldcup Begins :)

So the World Cup has started and productivity in the workplace is about to take a big hit as browsers stream games and excuses start as your fav teams begin to play I love the twitter world cup page except that it seems so out of date compared to what is really happening. What I do love …

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