Love the Grind and embrace the Pain

I’ve been doing Muay Thai off and on since August 2014. It was a year into my travels and a friend of mine I met when we were both in Taiwan suggested it to me cause I asked him to teach me to spar. There are those people who are natural athletes, the guys and …

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Muhammad Ali Transcends because we Remember

I was not born when Muhammad Ali was at the height of his career. I think I was just 2 months old before his last fight. So all I knew about him was what my dad told me about him. How he had fought the greats of his era and won. I remember hearing about …

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The Battle Before getting into the Ring

I’ve wondered what makes people fight in the ring. It’s come up now and again because I am doing Muay Thai. Everyone is different and the reasons for training and fighting are not necessarily the same. Since I’ve been doing muay thai for the last 3 and a half months I’ve struggled to find a reason why I train.

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A Few Days of Doing Muay Thai

I’ve done 6 sessions of Muay Thai in Pai since I arrived and I am really loving it. It is tough and I am sweating buckets when we finish but I always feel good and slowly but surely there is progress happening. I didn’t expect to be learning a martial arts ever. I’ve never been a physical person but here I am and it just feels good to push myself physically in a way that I’ve never done before.

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