Thoughts on Branding

What a brand is matter how big or small is what it you are there to do, what do you stand for and what drives you to do it. Living to these ideals in all aspects of your business because its who you are will make your customers go to you. Authenticity is hard to fake because it comes across in subtle ways as much as the obvious ones and it’s what makes your brand feel real.

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Advertising Week – CP+B goes 6 for 6 :P

(Still tweaking just so you know I just wanted to finally get it up) Without question 6 for 6 by CP+B presented by MDC Partners was one of the most popular sessions of the final full day of Advertising Week, Thursday, October 6th. 6 trailblazers were given just 6 minutes to present based on a …

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Agencies – The Death of a Thousand Cuts and are they Forgetting the Small Scale

What is slowly eroding the agency landscape is the fact they are being attacked on many different fronts in profitability, shifts in consumer behaviour, rising costs and the levels of control that brands want and need. This means that structurally agencies are getting nicked and bruised slowly. Large agencies can whether this but all it …

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