Robots on the Loose at AndroidTO

Around this time last year the Yorkville Media Centre hosted to the first ever AndroidTO. A year and 2 different deserts later they are back to do it again. The second AndroidTO commences tomorrow October 26th, 2011 at the perfect time with the recent unveiling of Ice Cream Sandwich a.k.a. Android 4.0 which will to unify …

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Mission: Contract Freedom (From my Phone)

So starting a new part-time gig I find myself in need of a smartphone. I have a Blackberry 8900 but that has been looking a look in the tooth the past few months and with Blackberry 6.0 fast approaching it is looking older than ever. I had the chance to try out an older Android …

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Terence Kawaja’s IAB Networks and Exchanges Keynote from Slideshare

Listening to this to learn more about the mobile space. [slideshare id=3970002&doc=terencekawajasiabnetworksandexchangeskeynotepdf20100503-100504184039-phpapp02]

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The Maturation of the Internet is Mobile

Is mobile the maturation of the internet as a whole? People have been talking about the development of the net forever and its explosion over the last decade and a half. Now that mobile technology is flourishing and wireless data is exploding we are seeing the potential of what a data rich world can provide. …

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Android Comes of Age at Google Developer Conference | Gadget Lab

via Aww I love that picture of the Android plushie trying to eat that Mac, it should be an iPad though. 🙂 Thanks Wired love your articles. Posted via web from @clickeric’s posterous

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