Love the Grind and embrace the Pain

I’ve been doing Muay Thai off and on since August 2014. It was a year into my travels and a friend of mine I met when we were both in Taiwan suggested it to me cause I asked him to teach me to spar. There are those people who are natural athletes, the guys and …

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Getting Back into the Ring Again :)

What it feels like to get back into the muay thai ring for fight number 5 after almost 2 years away and just 2 and a half weeks notice.

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First Fight since January 2016 – Let’s Go

I am fighting today? I can’t believe I am getting into the ring with just 4 weeks of training, having not really trained consistently since I left Charn Chai Muay Thai the first time. I remember the first time I fought, how long it took me just to say yes but when it did happen …

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One Month to More than A Year of Muay Thai

Going back to when I first started traveling I never thought I would be doing any sort of martial arts. I thought I would travel the world, see the sights and meet people both locals and other travelers alike. I’ve done all that and a simple remark from a new friend changed everything.

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Thank you for the Moments

There are so many people who have made the last few years worth while and where do I start but with the people I first met that have taught me about kindness and self-worth, that have been an ear when before I had none. Who have shown me that our value isn’t defined by what …

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No Normal Gym for Me – Muay Thai or Bust

Before my thoughts turned to muay thai I rarely had ever stepped in a gym. I don’t know about most people but for me whenever I had tried to go to a gym before the second I entered their doors my level of self consciousness would increase exponentially.

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The Urge to Push On

When you have traveled for a while or even a short time you have the urge to keep on going, of not stopping and heading back to wherever home is.

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One Week no Muay Thai – Recovery and Resolve

Last Wednesday was sparring day at Charn Chai Muay Thai in the wonderful town of Pai via Wiki Travel in Northern Thailand which I both love and hate and is basically the injury machine and I cranked out a pretty good one in the afternoon.

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Starting the Road to the Muay Thai Ring Day 1 and 2

So after finally deciding to get into the ring I have to wonder if it was the best move for me to make. So here is the thing do I need to fight to make the last year worthwhile? The answer to that is no because before I got here I could have never imagined just being consistent and going almost every day, every session without fail.

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The Battle Before getting into the Ring

I’ve wondered what makes people fight in the ring. It’s come up now and again because I am doing Muay Thai. Everyone is different and the reasons for training and fighting are not necessarily the same. Since I’ve been doing muay thai for the last 3 and a half months I’ve struggled to find a reason why I train.

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