New Old Spice Guy vs Old(er) Non Spice Guy

Mano a Mano in El Baño was announced to the world the other day where Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy and incumbent takes on new (more mature) comer FABIO in a battle of manliness versus super long hair. When Fabio first threw down the gauntlet, based on past indications I was hoping for something epic and funny.

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Mustafa is Back, then on Vacation and then with Dragons for Old Spice

So about a year ago the craziness began when Isaiah Mustafa stared in the famous Old Spice ads that have reinvigorated a once dormant brand. Well he is back in some new ads and for the ladies the most important thing is that he is still half naked and as suave as ever. As with anything the …

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Blendtec + Old Spice = This :)

We all knew that with all the parodies of Old Spice that Blendtec would get in on the action. Well here it is, not Old Spice per say but at least they got one of the better spoofs of it. This is great if a little predictable and corny but who doesn’t love a little …

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Study @oldspice Style – A Sick Parody

This parody looks good enough to actually be one the Old Spice ads. It rocks and of course I had to share it. Great job to the people behind it. Timing couldn’t be more perfect. That is when you know your commercial has made it when you get great parodies like this! Posted via email …

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@oldspice REMIX: by Mike Relm via YouTube

Way too much awesome, you Rock Mike! Posted via email from @clickeric’s posterous

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Customized Videos by the @oldspice Dude = Awesome

So what do you do to make a great act better have it said by a half naked dude with some great syntax. Well the Old Spice dude is putting out customized video intros for the internet folks. I think this will drive bloggers to the site to take the gamble to see if they …

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