Metrodome Roof Collapse #yikes #wow #nfl

Here comes the snow is all I can say. When you see the video you think damn, wow that is a lot of snow. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened but I wonder what the Vikings must think since they have been trying to get a new stadium for awhile. Here …

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OMG a Lego Printer (I want!!!)

I am always amazed at what people can do with some creativity and a hell of a lot of skill and this is what you see here with a Lego Printer using felt tip pens. While I wouldn’t want to print out a big doc with it I would love to have it printing just …

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The Nintendo 3DS (OMG – That is awesome)

What Nintendo is coming out with a new DS that is fracken awesome and it will be 3D. The details are scare but rumours are already flying and this news has the fanboys salivating. Nintendo is the single most interesting company in the interactive space, there is an air of mystery that surrounds the firm …

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Invisible Dogs

via Now for some fun and who doesn’t love 2000 people and their invisible dogs. Posted via web from ericfloresca’s posterous

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via Just awesome especially for all those old school gamer people. Lets watch back man get is beat on. 🙂 Posted via web from ericfloresca’s posterous

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AR Lego and the In-store experience

via See now this is a cool and practical application of technology. I am not sure but this seems like Augmented Reality. It seems to me a great way of allowing kids to see what the end result would be once they put it together. Who didn’t love legos when they were kids. It …

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