Thoughts on the Path Ahead

Here I am sitting in an office at 4am cause I have no place to go. In some ways I am as pathetic as they get and in other ways I am so lucky to be able to come and go with such ease without worry and responsibility.

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Do I need an Audience?

We live in a world of noise where there is more stuff than ever be it content, media, tech, people, sports, choices, options and the list goes on and on.

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The Intimacy of Heroes and Villains

As I’ve figured out story elements in movies of strong linkages between the hero and the villain, you do this to make the story more personal as much as they are often going for those epic stories.

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Writing a Universe 51636 words and Counting

Remember as a kid before your parents told you why the sky couldn’t be purple or a rainbow of colours when a cardboard box and a few stuffed animals were all you needed to create a world.

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Everyone is a Storyteller – Time to Find Mine

Everyone remembers a good story, from the ones told around a camp fire, told by that uncle that just knew how to spin a yarn. Stories help us feel the world around us. They can teach, entertain, and take us out of our own story to experience another. Some real life stories have more drama …

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