Possible Roadblocks that make you Give Up

As a child we are told that all things are possible, as a teenager we learn that roadblocks are challenges to overcome, as an adult you are told to get real and give up on those dreams, don’t dream big, be realistic not idealistic. I got to the point where my world shrunk, where the …

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2 Years and 12 Countries (so far)

In 2013 I had hit a wall that I just couldn’t get over, searching for work, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything if only to keep busy. I didn’t believe that I could because I had been kicked to the gutter more times that I care to remember. Here is the thing I …

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The Root of No Belief

People travel the world for a number of reasons this is what we say for many it is a holiday, the ability to explore, the oh so common I’m finding myself, to having to do or see something very specific. I don’t think those are at the root of why we need to wander. Sure they are part of the reason but not the stem from which the reason grows.

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Thoughts on “What I am Doing”

I have no clue what I am doing, who I want to be or why I am here? I’ve been traveling for more than a year and a half and although I am not the same person I was I am still searching for who it is I want to be.

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The Battle Before getting into the Ring

I’ve wondered what makes people fight in the ring. It’s come up now and again because I am doing Muay Thai. Everyone is different and the reasons for training and fighting are not necessarily the same. Since I’ve been doing muay thai for the last 3 and a half months I’ve struggled to find a reason why I train.

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Run and Gun vs Settling In

Since I’ve been traveling I find myself in one of 3 modes, where I run and gun from place to place doing the tourist thing or staying in one place and settling in. I’ve done it multiple times on this trip. At the beginning it tends to be the former where you know that there are more things to see and do than you could ever hope to accomplish.

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Crossing the Central Spire to find a Sense of Home

There comes a point when you know there is no going back to what or who you were before. Sometimes its immediate sometimes its subtle but that moment remains. As I’ve been traveling I’ve gotten farther away from what I thought my goal was and now all I know is that I don’t know, that I must find the experiences that will help to direct whatever I decide.

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Taking stupid risks and the lessons it teaches

They say your brain isn’t fully developed until you are 24. That those risks you take when you are young are part of youe brain still maturing.  If that so I may have regressed cause I’ve taken some risks and paid dearly for them.

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Travel for me is letting the walls fall and building Momentum

I wallow in negativity and that’s been my curse. Funny how I am out of half my gear, passport, cc and money and I’m feeling good. It makes you focus on how to move forward and make the best of it.

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The Crash, Burn and Reflection

I cannot say I didn’t, I can only admit that I did That I was the fire that burned, when I needed to be the water that cooled I seek understanding, not necessarily forgiveness That I am in no way without fault, fear or mistakes I will own them, to be better because of them …

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