An Oldie but a Goodie

I probably like the video of Cal hitting Rez with a baseball as much as anything else. LOL! What great concert footage, now come to Toronto, STAT!

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Dat Basketball

This Timeflies vid is LOL worthy cause that kid beats them.

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An Acoustic Timeflies

I love a good acoustic set, makes it easy to focus when you listen to it. Cal and Rez AKA Timeflies deviated from their freestyle fare with an acoustic version of their song “Until the Sunrise” and it is stellar but you knew that before you listened. What they have been able to create on their own is a testament to …

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RIP by Timeflies for Whitney Houston

I haven’t posted a lot this week because I have come home late every night but I had to post this Timeflies Tuesday video. It celebrates the legend that is Whitney Houston and if anyone deserves it she would be one of them. I couldn’t believe that she passed on the eve of the Grammys but in …

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When the Time Goes By – Another Hit by Timeflies

You can only say that was awesome so many times so I won’t but one of the best things about Timeflies is for them to take whatever is going on and make that part of their weekly freestyle. Cal is the freestyle master, the man upfront while Rez lets his beat do the talking. They …

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TImeflies when Under the Sea Comes Callin

Love the rap and the mix with a classic tune and I love that steel drum. It just puts a kick in my step. This video has language not for the kiddies but is part of what makes it awesome.

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