Here’s to the party #travelmassive and #tbex Style

So travel bloggers from around the world descended on Toronto for a weekend of networking, drinks and and fun across the GTA. It’s funny I have lived in Toronto for years and its surprising how easy it is to take things for granted. From the diversity, to the events and the people you forget how …

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Another LSM hits Toronto Validation through Punishment (kidding) #LSMTO

Just the other week another Lean Startup Machine came to Toronto, occupying the [IN]cubes office in Toronto. I’m not a coder or a startup person myself. In reality I’m an observer whose seen the frustration and spark that goes on when you are forced to face strangers with your ideas and watch them either tear you a new one, confirm your hypothesis or reveal the unexpected.

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Bang! Forget Music, Download an Assault Rifle with Matt Fisher

It resulted in thingiverse changing its term of service and removing all gun parts from the service. As a result Defense Distributed whose goal it is to “facilitating global access to, and the collaborative production of, information and knowledge related to the 3D printing of arms” created DEF CAD to give these gun designs a permanent online home.

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If you’re the Rainbow Fish don’t give away your Shiny Scales with Dan Mall

Dan Mall worked at Big Spaceship and other agencies as an art director, in design and also strategy. He started his presentation talking about the rainbow fish, his daughter’s favourite book. The rainbow fish had pretty scales that it gave away to make friends but it was no longer as pretty, well Mall says that you’re the rainbow fish and don’t need to give your shiny scales away.

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Herding Cats – Stacey Mulcahy @bitchwhocodes Big Spaceship

Stacey MuLcahy (@bitchwhocodes) a Lead Dev at Big Spaceship came to FITC Toronto with a visual collage of sometimes crazy, hilarious and WTF inducing animated GIF’s. If I had time to share some of them I would but I was too busy trying get as much as I could down from her session as I could. For her second talk of the day at FITC Stacey dove right into the magic and misery that takes place when herding cats or managing teams.

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Toronto Batman is Awesome Fun

Hey it is Toronto Batman yelling about his dead parents to tourists and wanders alike. This video taken in February 2012 and produced by Sean Ward (@seanward) and stars Toronto Batman (@torontobatman) AKA Alex Brovedani as the caped crusader. I am just happy to see a video go viral from Toronto and that I have been …

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