Living in Pai, Eating at the Laundromat and the Journey

When you travel it is about seeing the sights and experiencing as much of a place, culture and people as you can but when you live somewhere I find you form habits, places to eat, where you shop, get your laundry done. I put travel on pause while I’ve been in Northern Thailand have come to call Pai just north of Chiang Mai home for the last year or so.

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Package a Tour or Go it Alone?

When you travel there are many options available to you, if you are on vacation you can do an all-inclusive stay at a resort where food, accommodation and sometimes even your flight are included.

For the resort and tour company this keeps the majority of the costs within their walls, it means you are more likely to partake in the recreational activities they provide be it a tour of the local area, their beach, water sports and so on.

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The Urge to Push On

When you have traveled for a while or even a short time you have the urge to keep on going, of not stopping and heading back to wherever home is.

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Why I Won’t Return to Toronto

So I’ve been off living in Thailand for more than a year and was traveling for 15 months before that all around Asia. I haven’t worked since before I left Toronto.

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Finding a Home for a Moment in Pai

What is a home? I would say that it grounds you, is your private space, is shelter from the world outside.

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2 Years and 12 Countries (so far)

In 2013 I had hit a wall that I just couldn’t get over, searching for work, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything if only to keep busy. I didn’t believe that I could because I had been kicked to the gutter more times that I care to remember. Here is the thing I …

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Seeing versus Experiencing

So I’ve been traveling for 2 years, more than half of that has been wandering Asia, the rest hanging out in Pai, Thailand doing Muay Thai. If there is one thing I know is that many tourists that come in and out are about maximizing their short time in a place which is understandable. I did the same thing for a long time, spending no more than a few days in any one place before moving on knowing I had very little time until I had to move on.

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When you have no idea what to do just do something

Have you ever been stuck between numerous unable to decide what direction to take. I’ve faced that choice many times and what I know today is that ultimately it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. You can’t keep all possibilities open, that just isn’t an option and if you choose more than one or two can you really give your all to either?

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Half the Battle is just Showing Up

It’s hard to be dedicated to something, I know that because I’ve always kept my foot in one door and the other out in case it all went to hell. It’s not impossible to be dedicated while making other plans but I find it much simpler and more focused to just go for it.

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Small Changes Can Reap Big Rewards

Those of us who travel often will have fallen into a sort of routine – we’ve packed our bags so often, we already know what to stuff into our suitcases and where each and every little tidbit goes.

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