Hacking Thrives in Toronto at Pixel Hack

Pixel Hack Day took to the stage for their second go around after the success of the first one this time last year. It’s meant as a weekend to connect the developer and designer communities in pursuit of an awesome hack.

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Microsoft Surface’s Starts its Movement to Launch October 26th

So as we inch closer to Windows 8 release date on October 26th, we are now starting to see the marketing machine at Microsoft get into gear. Here is an ad that takes a completely opposite approach to what you see the competition does with their tablets.

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The Future of Windows is Touch

As Microsoft continues the march to Windows 8 (or whatever it will be called), the tech community gets its first look at the newest OS, a radical transformation of the desktop experience. The demo by Microsoft VP Julie Larson-Green below, posted by Microsoft on YouTube and written about (here), shows an interface that shares a lot in common …

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