Run and Gun vs Settling In

Since I’ve been traveling I find myself in one of 3 modes, where I run and gun from place to place doing the tourist thing or staying in one place and settling in. I’ve done it multiple times on this trip. At the beginning it tends to be the former where you know that there are more things to see and do than you could ever hope to accomplish.

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Crafting a New Version of Self

What is it that I seek out in the big wide world? Am I searching for a person, a dream, a place or something else that I cannot yet define?

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Travel for me is letting the walls fall and building Momentum

I wallow in negativity and that’s been my curse. Funny how I am out of half my gear, passport, cc and money and I’m feeling good. It makes you focus on how to move forward and make the best of it.

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The Crash, Burn and Reflection

I cannot say I didn’t, I can only admit that I did That I was the fire that burned, when I needed to be the water that cooled I seek understanding, not necessarily forgiveness That I am in no way without fault, fear or mistakes I will own them, to be better because of them …

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Everyone is a Storyteller – Time to Find Mine

Everyone remembers a good story, from the ones told around a camp fire, told by that uncle that just knew how to spin a yarn. Stories help us feel the world around us. They can teach, entertain, and take us out of our own story to experience another. Some real life stories have more drama …

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Finding a Starting Point

I am trying to find a starting point to tell this story and the problem I have is that there are many ways to come into this narrative. In reality the bigger problem is finding the sweetspot that best introduces these characters to the audience. The pilot of Mad Men is a great example of …

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Visual Writing

Over the last few weeks I have struggled with trying to write stories in a script format. It is funny because I don’t think of myself as a writer but with a script I am trying to learn how to¬†compartmentalize¬†elements from descriptions to actions and dialog. I have struggled with it because I don’t know …

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Making My Characters Feel Real

There is no one way to do anything and in creating a characters there are a few ways to approach it. The 2 ways I am focusing on are developing all the details of who your characters from the beginning. SO this means going back in time before your story starts to figure out what …

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Mussings on the Past and What is to Come

I have written for a few sites and it is always fun and frustrating. I did OK in English but I never thought of myself as a writer until that is what I started doing. I am still learning be my own best editor and it is hard as frack (this is for all those …

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To Job or Not to Job

To job or not to job, that is the path I will find the equation to settle this math A few directions are open each scary and new Should I travel to a job or start to run through   If I were to work what should I do Shall I make my way to …

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