Cool Tech – A Bendable Screen

Every day there seems to be a new technological innovation and in the area of screen technology here is a bendable screen by Toshiba. In this demo you bend the screen to zoom in on a map screen. It is a great piece of technology that I hope comes to market soon.

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Conan O’Brien’s vs Stephen Colbert then add in Jon Stewart in a Dance Off

That is awesome. It made me smile, love the jabs they take at each other. What the tour does for CoCo is keep him in the spotlight and brings us stuff like this which is comic gold to the right people and one of those is me.

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OMG a Lego Printer (I want!!!)

I am always amazed at what people can do with some creativity and a hell of a lot of skill and this is what you see here with a Lego Printer using felt tip pens. While I wouldn’t want to print out a big doc with it I would love to have it printing just because it looks so cool.

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Now this is Cool (Still Don’t Think the iPad is Magically but that guy has some great slight of hand)

Now I know in my last post I said no more magic but this is pretty cool. If you pay attention you can see the quick edits done on it but a very fun way to use the iPad.

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Razors and Batteries WTF!

Why combine razors and batteries? Is it just me or does it seem totally random.

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