My CV Screw Up – Hey as long as I can laugh about I am cool :) (At Least it Got Caught Early – That is a WIN)

I can never every check over my cv correctly there is always something I miss. It is kind of like when you write something you see it the way you wrote it when in reality you see what you want to see. I have been making it in illustrator and I just miss small things but are really huge things.

I make a ton of mistakes and I think that is what makes me better today than yesterday. I am getting better at editing my own work but with the cv there are so many constant changes I guess it is hard to keep track of after a certain point. Don’t get me wrong I screwed up but at the end of the day if someone looked at it, it was for a second and the trashed that sucker so fast they probably don’t remember what they read and in 6 months or a year if I am looking then they will have no idea who I am and the cv will look completely different.

I am not going to like about my mistakes but I do understand them and I am thankful that I did get some good people to check it out for me because no matter how good you are back up is key. It is about a different perspective that can be hard to grasp without that extra pair of eyes. Not something I have had a lot but hopefully that will not always be the case.

I am glad that I have not sent it out a lot maybe once or twice but no harm, no foul. Well it could have hurt but that is beyond my ability to see so I am not going to worry. *shrugs and makes it better this time* I am just going to learn from it and I feel I’m getting there and that is half the battle.

I don’t feel bad about it, I know some people might read this so I will say:

Perfection is not achieved it is reached for and to get close to that sun you have to make mistakes along the way. That is what it means to be human; you are not remembered by how you fall, but how you get up.

That is what I am continually learning and the time I have spent in the search for work has been an eye opener that has expanded what I know is possible in a way I would not have thought of months ago and that is worth more than money that is a lesson I will take to heart.

Anyone have any epic cv or resume mistakes I think there should be a website dedicated to them and the stories behind them. That would be rad.

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