Thoughts on the Craziness at Queen and Spadina Yesterday #G20

What happened on Queen and Spadina yesterday started off with a relatively small protest. Something happened that got the police to lock down the intersection and that is when the curious like me came to see what was happening. There were more photographers and bystanders than actual protesters. We were the curious, the people that couldn’t not want to see what was happening. Then the people watching were about to start their own protest as a sit-in when someone started signing the national anthem.

When the police saw that four and more were about to sit they charged us and off we went in all directions. Then the riot police slowly starting to push us back further and further away detaining and maybe arresting those that could get out of their fast enough. Then it started to rain, it was not the police that stopped what could of happened from going further that was mother nature’s intervention. We were all getting soaked and that pretty much ended the turn from bystanders onlooking to an outright protest.

I think that spending $1 billion on this event and creating a wall around the core of the city was an invitation to all those who wanted to cause trouble. 99% of the protesters were peaceful and 1% wanted to cause trouble and they did. No one was seriously hurt, there was damage but for most people the city held together.

What happened during the G20 was the city’s soul was muzzled, killed even. The fun of summer and great days were replaced with fear and a police state that emptied the city of the people who call it home. This was a time of quiet fear when it should be a time to celebrate the culture of city and it’s people, I guess that is what a billion dollars gets you.

Here is the start of the O Canada before we had to start running.

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