Microsoft and The Future of Interactive Marketing

On Wednesday September 29th during Advertising Week in New York City Microsoft presented some its latest technology to agencies, brands, and marketers. The technology they showed offers new ways for advertisers to connect with audiences by offering them unique experiences using the power of technology.

Deep Zoom

The first tech demo was about Deep Zoom. The technology allows you to get up close and personal with images by being able to zoom in with perfect clarity into the depths of a picture. Microsoft partnered with the Hard Rock Café to connect people to their amazing catalogue of Hard Rock Memorabilia. Mark called it a new language of interaction with and between objects.

Deep Zoom allows you to zoom into a picture to see all the details you can miss on first glance of a picture. You can see the individual seams of Elvis’s jacket to seeing the threads of your favourite rock star’s guitar. Deep Zoom allows you to see the details of the object and provides context through the metadata embedded in the image itself.

The combination of deep zoom and data creates threads and links that create their own unique stories of these historical and famous pieces of star history. So you can see how different objects in the Hard Rock collections are linked to each other.

Hard Rock Memorabilia allows someone to discover these unique links between these famous pieces of memorabilia powered by Microsoft Deep Zoom. Next Time we will see how Microsoft pivots the usage and connection between information.


(This is Mark Young the General Manager of Microsoft Advertising as the talk started.)

At the Ad Week Presentation on the Future of Interactive Marketing Microsoft showed Pivot. This is an experimental technology that allows data visualization, sorting, and categorization on the fly.

The example they showed us at Advertising Week in New York was taking all the covers of Sports Illustrated throughout its history and having the ability to sort them based on content, like how many football covers they have had in the last ten years or by how many Issues had Tiger Woods on the covers. That is only the beginning of how Pivot can be used.

They say that Pivot could allow agencies that have a deep catalogue of assets to sort it based on how many impressions each piece had or by any other metric that they have on the creative executions.

What Mark said was that Pivot allows you to take large sets of data and organize them in a visual way. This has not been the first time that they have demoed the Pivot technology. In a TED talk Microsoft Live Labs Director Gary Flack demoed the technology to show how you can “interact with data in a way that is powerful, informative, and fun.”

The technology allows the viewer to arrange the data to common characteristics and like Deep Zoom allows you to get in for a closer look. Pivot can work with any kind of data and the uses are as varied as the information itself.

Below is the TED Talk that explains what Pivot is and how it can be used better than I could and here is the link to the article that explains it all from Microsoft’s website.

Windows Mobile 7

At Advertising Week Microsoft gave a short demo of Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft gave some really interesting insights into what they wanted to do with their newest mobile OS. Windows Mobile 7 was a chance to start fresh. Mobile is growing 8 times faster than the Internet is. One reason is because your mobile device is with you all the time. Microsoft did a lot of research and found that most people only use 3-5 apps regularly.

What they were going for with the interface was to make it glancable. By having live tiles so the user knows what is happening at a glance. The people hub shows what is new and what Microsoft really focused was on how advertisers could connect to consumers through Windows Mobile 7. They are offering a new ad unit that is 40×80 over the standard found on most mobile devices so advertisers can connect with their market more effectively.

Against Apple, Google and all the other players it will be interesting to see how consumers react to Microsoft’s newest phone. These phones will have integration with Office and the Xbox platform. Here is the ad done by CP+B for Windows Mobile 7.