Sid Lee Architecture + Vidéotron = #Awesome

When Vidéotron needed to refresh their retail experience they turned to Sid Lee Architecture to create something new. With all the work recently completed on their flagship store, this is the result:

Here is a video of what it is like on the inside:

The store represents a brand experience that was came together through a partnership among Sid Lee Architecture, Vidéotron, and their suppliers whose goal was to create an avant-garde in store environment in the heart of downtown Montreal.

This new and engaging store experience will help Vidéotron stand tall in a fierce competitive landscape. Martin Leblanc, the Sid Lee architect and partner said that “shopping in the store will feature a graphics-oriented environment, putting content front and centre.”

Sid Lee Architecture and their partners went from concept to completion of this unique concept in under ten months. They took a multidisciplinary approach bringing together experts to make this vision a reality and give this building life as something unique.

I am reminded of Minority Report when looking at the grey walls, the display enhanced stairs and the level of interactivity available. It feels like something out of a science fiction movie rather than a place that exists in the here and now.